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Working heel…

October 21, 2011

Physics sees matter as energy,

a momentary illusion in a universe which knows no permanence;

it sees a world which has no bounds,

no divisions,

and fewer and fewer rules and laws…

In this world,

physics and the I Ching have much in common,

for both seek to understand the phenomenology of change…

Once realizing the fundamental illusion of matter,

one either perceives the universe with reverence or,

like the physicist who shot himself when he discovered his chair didn’t exist,

one goes mad…

— in the MAGIC of Findhorn, and eyewitness account by Paul Hawken

After last season’s,

stinging play-off finale,

and Timmy Thomas,

taking the Fiskar’s,

to his playoff beard,

I had a dream,

I was riding,


Kevin Bieksa,

on a motorcycle,

down a spiral,


directly into,

the Vancouver Canucks,

locker room…

Now I don’t know,

if Kevin Bieksa,

has a motorcycle,

or not,

but it doesn’t really matter…

What matters is,

that regardless,

of what other people thought,

it was fun,

and we,

were happy…

On Wednesday morning,

as I was tossing,

a frisbee,

in the park,

I experienced a brief visit,

from Roberto Luongo…

Some people,

might ask,

after hearing,

such things,

Did that really happen???

and in response,

I would say,

it must have happened,


Yesterday afternoon,

I was out at the dog park,

in Campbell Valley,

when a distinguished gentleman,

in dress slacks,

and a vest,

with an I-Phone,

in a holster,

on his hip,

insisted on demonstrating,

the might,

of his seventy plus,

throwing arm,

by taking the Chuck-it wand,

right out of my hand…

I can throw this way farther than you’ll ever be able to,

he promised…

I didn’t tell him,

that there ARE,

other ways,

of throwing,

you weight around,

because I was enjoying,

the show…

After I’d seen his stuff,

I asked him if he’d been,

a pro-baseball pitcher,

you know,

in the good ole days…

Nope, he said,

This muscle,

has been building up,

ever since,

I got my dog…

A week or so ago,

I was on my way,

into a car wash,

when the man in charge said,

Now hands off,

the steering wheel,

release the brake,

put it in neutral,

and I’ll guide you through…

In my meetings,

with Luongo,


they may be,

I always work in,

some Fleetwood Mac,

from man’s best friend,

and the knowledge,

that it’s completely,

within his power,

to make noisy things,

that call themselves fans,


And I always end,

our appointments,

with the suggestion that,

even though,

it may seem,


and even a bit,


it’s likely he’s had,

a passed life,

as a Volvo,

and he should find,

a way,

to believe it…

A nice reliant automobile...

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