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Life jacket…

October 24, 2011

A couple of weeks late,

just like my game…

— Roberto Lu-longo, poking fun at reporters, on the delay of his new helmet…

One of the habits,

I’m working my way,

out of,

is feeling the need,

to explain myself,

and my M.O.,

because I’m changing,

with every breath…

For example,

when I get,

the overwhelming urge,

to turn,

the volume up,

on Keith Urban,

and zoom out,

to Chilliwack,

like I’ve never done,


I don’t know why,

I just get in the car,

and do it…

And as I was standing,

beside the Vedder,

Saturday morning,

watching fly fishers,

in their casting pants,

an elderly gentleman,

supplied me,

with the ley,

of the land,

and some,

raison d’etre…

At the end,

of his details,

he wondered,

Are you local???


I never really know,

how to answer,

that question,


sometimes I’m local,

and some times,

I’m not,

and I don’t know,

where the line is,


When I told him,

I’m from,

the big smoke,

he looked,


but eventually,

caught my drift,

and said,

Come out to the valley,

anytime you like…

We’re always happy,

to have you,

like he was speaking for,

my people

One of the things,

I love most,

about my mechanic,

is how he likes to,

pull my leg…

When I last,

went in,

to pick up my car,

he said,

That’ll be $600…

I didn’t even flinch,

as I handed over,

the money,

because I’d given him,

a list,

of things I’d wanted,

done right…

He laughed,

and showed me,

the bill,

for $89,


I keep you safe,

and I save you money…

You have enough,

on the rear brakes,

to get you to California,

and back…

And those brake lines,

are built,

like diamonds…

When he saw,

my doubt,

he added,

If something happens,

that’s not safe,

call me,

I’ll come get you…

Now go,

I have work to do…

I had absolutely,

no plans,

to go to California,

but I put,

his fortune cookie,

in my Tupperware,

for that moment,

when SPIRIT,


and moves me…




Go by the shoreline, look at the moon...

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