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December 7, 2012

Granny Bonne thought and thought…

She didn’t want riches or desire fancy clothes fit for a queen…

She didn’t even wish for a grand house or better land,

since she knew all these things could be taken away…

She held out her hands to the auntie and said,

“These are all I’ve got…

Make my hands so’s they’ll always be of some use…”

The auntie blew into her hands comfort and goodness,

tales and tears,

and Granny Bonne got her wish…

— in The Birth House by Ami McKay

One evening,

while Starshine was,


on the couch,

and Little Gem,

was putting,

the finishing touches,

on her three story,

Lego house,


by pasture,

I relayed a story,

of how I responded,

to the question,

Have you ever driven,

a truck???

Starshine said,

The idea of you driving downtown,

in the 80’s,

to go clubbing,

in Grampa’s blue Chevy pick-up,

is the funniest thing,

I’ve heard,

all day…

And I,


as usual,

very happy,

to be,

of service,

in the chuckle,


One of the things,

I used to do,

as a primary teacher,

was talk through,

a snail puppet,

named Slider…

His main refrain,

was to



and THINK…

The Mayan Calander suggests,

the world,

as we have known it,

will come to a crashing halt,

on the Winter Solstice,

of 2012…

It is about,

bloody time…

I quite frankly,

have been waiting,

my whole life,

for things,

to come undone…

And now that,

all offers,

have been removed,

from the table,

by the NHL,


as we have come,

to know it,

will have plenty,

more time,

to do,

what Slider says…

Because while,

the Players Association,

is doing nothing,



has the chance,

to get done…

A girl found a bird and that's how she knew...

A girl found a bird and that’s how she knew…

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