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Pirate pack…

October 8, 2011

October 6th 1942:

The last of Japanese-Canadians leave Vancouver for internment camps,

in the Interior of BC,

and the Prairies…

Despite government promises to return their land after the war,

it was auctioned off cheaply instead.

Most were unaware they were going to prison camps,

and were initially told they were being sent away,

for safety…

Not only did their families lose their land,

much of it now worth millions,

but all of their personal belongings…

— in A Sign for the City as read in the Georgia Straight October 6-13/2011

Thursday, October 5th

marked the grand opening,

of NHL’s 2011-2012 season,

and the peddling,

of new standards,

for the enforcement,

of good,





as headlined,

by Brendan Shanahan…

Last weekend,

standing by,

the Mission Bridge,

I got knocked,

in the jaw,

by 65 pounds,

of leaping,

German Shorthaired Pointer,

and I felt my brain,


against my skull…

I stood at the tailgate,

for a few minutes,

before I could gather,

my wits,

about me…


Little Gem,

and her two friends,

called from the seats,

of our big red car,

to see,

if I was alright,

and I couldn’t find,

the words…

But through,

this gift,

of experience,

I got a clearer picture,

of what it might be like,

to be made,

for fighting,

and it wasn’t good…

I don’t know why,

the NHL,

needs medical research,

to figure out,

that ANY blow,

to the body,

is a potential,

land mine,

just waiting,

to happen…

I’ve never had,

a cluster migraine,

but there must be,

a good reason why,

they’re called,

suicide headaches…

How else can one,

get away,

from the pain,

when it has outgrown,

the self-medication???

And furthermore,

how many more,

GD lives lost,

does a major league need,

to get the job done???

Wade Belak wore,

the names of his children,

and the images,

of angels,

on his sleeve…

I read him quoted,

in black and white,

to please not move me from Nashville,

and my family’s home,

when he was given word,

of forced re-assignment…

When our roots are threatened,

and pulled up,

from the very ground,

we walk on,

some carry on,

one step,

at a time…

But for others,

the loss is too great,

and the wings,

are always there,

for the flying

Just after Labour Day,

I got called in,

to work with a horse,

who’d been traumatized,

by a member,

of her own herd,

with a swift kick,

to the head…

I stood with her,

in her manger,

as she shook,

and held,

her injured side,

against a wall,

for self-protection…

I asked her,

What do you need me to do???


Will you show me???

I watched her eye fill,

with the pain of betrayal,

and mistrust,

as I stood there,

and released,

the tears,

her body isn’t made,

for crying…

And after,

an hour,

or so,

of applied kinesthetics,

I saw a drop fall,

down her face,

in a crooked line,

of infinity,

and the words,



in our sky

I've got two chickens to paralyze...

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