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Hour glass…

September 23, 2011

His truthfulness is written across his face in a childlike scrawl…

If he tells you his cabbages grew as big as beach balls,

you know it is true…

When he tells you he is overlighted by the Master of the Seventh Ray,

you believe it,

even though you don’t have a clue as to what the Seventh Ray is…

And when he tells you he has been given the Training for lifetimes in order that the Will of God be brought down to earth to fuse with mankind in a new evolutionary leap beginning right here at Findhorn,

you say,

“Why not???”

Whatever the preconceptions that were carried up the tarmac road to Findhorn they have now blown away like a dandelion thistle in a gale…

You are left with a gaping and naked mind in front of one of the most unusual men you are ever likely to meet,

sitting quietly in his cedar bungalow against a background of the most radiant collection of flowers and plants you will ever see…

And how do we explain THIS,

Mr. Scholar???

— in The MAGIC of FINDHORN: An eyewitness account by Paul Hawken

From some strange reason,

I’ve taken to waking at 5:30 am.

to start my day,

and it feels,

like a perfect,


I told Starshine,

that I’m now,

out of my habit,

of going back to bed,

after the school bus leaves,

just in case,

she’s under,

the mistaken impression,

that I’m spending my time,

laying around on the couch,

eating chocolates,

while she’s doing hard time,

in a classroom…

She said,


It’s your subconscious,

preparing you,


Like taking me to the rink,

for morning practice…

Then she laughed,


As if…

I told her I’d turned down,

the resolution,

on that dream,

several months ago…

Kind of like,

I’ve put,

the Stanley Cup,

on soft focus,

for the time being…


when I arrived home,

from the day’s adventures,

the waiting room,

on my sidewalk,

was chock o’ block…

Girl Cat,

is an awesome receptionist…

She keeps everyone,


while I review,

the charts…

The first person in line,

called me Sherry…

When I wondered,

where in the ether,

that one came from,

and reminded him,

of my given name,

he said,

I have no idea how,

I could have made,

that grave error???

You have the same name,

as a main character,

in the Days of Our Lives…

It’s my favorite show…

Right behind him,

a woman,

pushing a stroller,

with a new set,

of twins,

was followed by,

four more,

of her youngest children,

with skin,

as black,

as night…

And in her walk,

I saw,

the story,

of a thousand years,

in reel time…

Just in case,

you too,

felt all sticky,

and like you were having,

a day long,

hot flash,

this Autumnal Equinox,

know that,

you are in,

fine company,

and someone,

way out there,

in the universe,

is fully on,

the exact same,

wave length

First thing we'll climb a tree... (Photo: Little Gem)

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