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Muscle group…

October 10, 2011


by the time I was done with Youngblood,

that movie destroyed me…

I had post-traumatic stress disorder…

Here’s my philosophy:

Any sport where it’s exerting just putting on the gear is something to be avoided…

I don’t want to be sweating before I’m actually doing the thing I’m suiting up to do…

— Rob Lowe in conversation with Jian on The Q, and why someone should put a skirt on him, ASAP…

One of the things,

Starshine loves most,

about soccer,

is the preparation…

Esp. the shin-pads,

and pulling up her socks,

while we’re on the road,

to games,

in our big red car…

And when she mentions,

how much she enjoys,

getting ready,

for soccer,

I try not,

to send her,

telepathic messages,

about how much better,

it could be,

if she played hockey,

with so much more,

to get ready for,

because I know,

how important it is,

to allow people,

the space,

to come to things,

on their own terms…

Sometime during,

the pre-season,

I had a dream that,

Alain Vigneault,

and Mike Gillis,

were super angry…

And even though,

I perceived,

the anger,

to be directed,

at me,

I made a major,

operational decision,

not to take it on,

because quite frankly,

it was none of,

my GD business…

This afternoon,

as the rain poured down,

Little Gem said,


I’m drawing another picture,

of you,

singing the national anthem,

at Roger’s Arena…

You know,

for when you’re ready…

I watched her adding,

the official sponsors,

in block letters,

across the boards…

She said,

I have space for one more sponsor…

What do you want it to be???

I said,

How about

She looked at me,


and said,

Some maturity,

would be nice,

right about now…

I said,

Can you add a thought bubble,

full of Raffi Torres,

over my head???

Starshine rolled her eyes,

in my general direction,

and said,


stick a fork in it,

it’s done…

You have to learn,

to travel a little lighter…

I said,

One day,

you too,

will find out,

that some baggage,

is specifically made,

for carry-on

God gave me you for the ups and downs...

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