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Cult classic…

June 3, 2011

“Why???” Little Fur asked…

“They did not know,

in the beginning…

They knew little except mutual hatred,

for each thought the other was in league with the she-wizard…

But time passed,

and eventually their long imprisonment and their allegiance against the wizard,

caused the hatred in them to die…

It must have died,

for the troll princess soon carried the child of the elf warrior…

Only then did the she-wizard tell them they had given her what she desired most:

a child in whom elf and troll blood mingled…”

— in little fur: A Mystery of Wolves by Isabelle Carmody

A friend,

who is no longer on,

the friend list,

due to straw #3,

once said to me,

Little Buddy,

you are a maven…

I didn’t know anything,

about maven,

except that she rhymes,

with raven,

and I still don’t,

but even so,

from this split second,

moving forward,

for all intents,

and purposes,

I’m going to continue,

applying my so-called mavenness,

like a laser beam,

to #13,

Coach V,

and all of the other players,

in this most specialest herd,

of all time…

Last night,

during a phone visit,

with a dear,

former colleague,

she remarked,

a few minutes,

into the call,

that there was a crackle,

on the line…

She told me that they have bad phones,

in their house,

but that it was only,

when she was talking to me,

that the buzzing became so loud,

and clear,

in the receiver…

I told her,

That’s a sign,

of the transmission,

of important information…

I asked her,

an hour or so later,

as the conversation unfolded,

if she was still finding,

the noise,


She said,

No way Jose,

I’m so onto it now…

And I’m reconfiguring,

for the filtering,

of all that is unnecessary…

Just before lunch,

I saw a piano,

strapped down,

in the back,

of a pick-up truck…

I wanted to climb,

over the tail-gate,

and sit down,

to play Clocks…

But the truck drove away,

before I could get,

my fingers,

on those eighty-eight keys…

I don’t know if you know this,

but one cup,

of cooked beluga lentils,

has 244 of the % daily value,

of fibre,

and 90% of iron requirements…

Plus they’re cute,

and pretty,

and tasty,

with a spoonful,

of Macedonian feta…

But don’t take my word for it,

this is a super-food,

you can taste for yourself…

Because if you want,


in catering,

for speed,


and game day regularity,

you need to apply,

a legumic formula,

that really cooks,

for itself…

You swim so wild and you swim so free...

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