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Dodge avenger…

June 2, 2011

“Why did you go back to the zoo???” Little Fur asked…

“It was not my intention…

I meant to fly away,

— but I kept ending up back there…

It was most troubling…

Then it came to me that perhaps I had not discharged my debt to you…

I promised to get a key and I did not get it…

So I decided to come see you and offer my services…

I knew you were going to the mountains,

and as soon as I thought of coming to you,

I was able to leave the zoo…

It is amazing what direction can come of purpose…”

— as said by the vulture in little fur and the Mystery of Wolves by Isobelle Carmody


the horses,

were yawning,

and stretching their mouths a lot…

It was like they had something to say,

and had kept quiet,

for so long,

that they had to exercise,

their muscles,

to get things moving again…

If you’ve ever seen,

the teeth,

in a horse’s mouth,

you know for GD sure,

to keep your fingers,

effing clear,

of them,

even if you’re wearing,

stinky old hockey gloves…

In any barn,

serious warnings,

are posted,

as clear issue,

that you are in a danger zone,

and fully responsible,

for assuming,

any and all risk,

presenting itself,

in the vicinity,

of one tonne beasts…

As prey,

a horse,

will not hesitate,

to use,

any and all of its weapons,

for survival,

when faced with a predator…

So you have to keep,

your wits,

about you,

at all times…

I had a dream last week,

that I was sitting down,

at a table,

with Coach V,

and Mr. Raffi Scorres…

We weren’t saying anything,

we were just,


in the right place,

at the right time,

preparing to do,

the right thing…

I told Starshine,

all about it,

as I drove her,

to school…

She wondered,

What do you think it means???


of course,

had absolutely,

no idea,

because I don’t work,

in the department,

of analysis…

All I knew was that,

the dream,

felt nearly as good,

as the bare hands,

of a knight,

in white satin,

on my back,

under my Canucks shirt…

And just like,

all of this waiting,

in-between games,

we should all know,

by now,

that there’s nothing,

as hot,

as a slow,

burning fire…

Faith pours from your walls... (photo: Starshine)

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