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Quality control…

February 26, 2011

Not only can Gillis afford to be choosy,

he must be…

The Canucks do not lead the NHL by accident…

The powerful culture of accountability and responsibility in the dressing room,

pushed and embodied by Henrik and Daniel Sedin,

is not to be trifled with…

— Iain MacIntyre, in The Vancouver Sun, February 26, 2011

I swore to myself,

that I would never quote from a vampire,

but some promises are only made,

to be broken…

Last week sometime,

I was across the street,

asking my neighbours,

if I could make a documentary,

about what a girl can do,

when she puts her mind to something…

The recipient of the question,

was all over the idea,

and gave me carte blanche,

for spontaneous interviews…

When I crossed back,

to my front garden,

another neighbour walked by,

with her new puppy…

She was telling me about her sixteen year old son,

who I remember from years back,

was a very late reader,

of two-dimensional print,

manifesting his athletic prowess,

in football…

I even got to see the photos,

on her I-Phone…

She told me all about being a hockey mom…

And now that her older boy,

has chosen a field,

over ice,

how much she misses,

her time in the rink,

with all of those other parents…

She’s on her own mission,

to advocate for the hard to house,

in the downtown eastside,

and counts the days,

until her three year old boy,

is old enough,

for Timbits hockey…

I asked her if the little guy,

who I’ve seen leaning forward,

in his carseat,

when his father,

drives past my house,

WANTS to play hockey…

She said,


This isn’t optional…

He will play,

and he will like it…

I skated before I could walk…

My dad and my brother both played pro hockey,

and there’s no way,

that I’m not getting back into that parent community…

Among other things,

like my Monday nights at the driving range,

I live for it…

I almost pulled out a soapbox,

for her to stand on,

but then I saw a message,

was being delivered…

So I went into my house,

and along with the smell of the arena,

and all that is sweet,

and good,

I put her post-it,

in my hockey bag,

for when the time comes…

I will begin again..

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