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Soul patch…

March 2, 2011

See it like I’m right there—

Feel it like I’m right there because Todd’s own Noise has opened…

As he’s gotten further away from the Mayor and closer to Ben,

his own Noise is opening as wide as it used to be…

Opening with astonishment and joy and so much love,

you can hardly bear to look at it…

And those feelings are surging back along the crowd like a wave,

and the crowd is staggering under it…

— in Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

Sixty-five minutes of game time,

plus a sixteen man shootout,

for a W,

and two-points,

now that,

is some awesome value,

for ticketholders…

The other night,

over quiche and salad,

I was discussing,

plans for my playoff beard,

with Starshine,

and Little Gem…

Starshine said,

You do have a bit of a moustache,

but I don’t think you have what it takes,

to grow a beard…

I said,

Lesser miracles have happened…

She said,

If that particular miracle ever occurs,

consider yourself off the camp list…

I’ll just tell my teacher,

you’ve been benched,

for not shaving…

This made me wonder,

if she isn’t taking correspondence,

from the general manager,

in preparation…

According to my research,

the trade deadline,

resulted in some shifts,

with the potential,

for a major upset…

But what do I know…

Last night,

as I was brushing,

some side ribs,

with honey,

I told Starshine,

If the Canucks were winning all of the time,

there would be no room for improvement…

A win-loss pattern keeps everyone on their toes…

And the thing is,

if one player isn’t scoring,

it means another one can…

But the media is so quick to call,

a slump,

or a drought,

or inconsistency,

so’s to whip up some drama,

because they have nothing better to do…

I find nothing more infectious,

than the excitement,

of #13 putting it in the back of the net…

As I said in a mental note,

to Mike Gillis,

Torres should get a double-double,

for his skill,

with direct transmission,

and amplification…

Yesterday morning,

I had a dream,

I was in an operating theatre,

working silently,

inside a patient,

with some others…

The body was full of white light,

and everyone,

in attendance,

was dressed for the occasion,

in love’s lace,

and velvet,

like a Victorian valentine…

A vision of reassurance,

in the seat behind me,

whispered a promise,

It’s just a little bit longer…

And HE will be there…

I woke up knowing,

that despite my worries,

and my fears,

around the echoing question,

and possibilities,

of meeting a brother,

it will all work out,

for the fourth line

And I will hold on hope...

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