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Star gate…

February 25, 2011

George was fond of playing tricks on Martha…

But that was not Martha’s idea of fun…

And when she found her house slippers nailed to the floor,

she was not amused…

Martha gave George the old silent treatment…

“Oh no!!!” said George,

“Not that!!!”

George decided to bake Martha’s favorite cake…

“This will butter her up,” he said…

And he when he was done,

he found a pretty ribbon with which to wrap the box…

— in George and Martha Back in Town by James Marshall

A few nights ago,

Starshine got up from the dinner table and said,

There was this expert on the radio this morning…

She’s written a book about how to deal with your once sweet but now surly child…

I’ll see if I can find it on Amazon,

and add it to your cart…

Because you seem to be having a tough time,

with me…

I remember sitting on the steps,

of my front porch,

just a few summers ago,

listening to one of my father’s broken records…

And in response I said,

something like,

We let the government,

and other people,

including our spouses,

determine reality for us…

Then I turned on a light,

with the following question,

when I asked,

Has it ever occurred to you,

that our realities are not the same???

He whispered back,

in nearly stunned silence,

No, I’ve never considered that…

One thing I really liked about Tuesday’s game,

with The Canucks vs. Le Canadiens,

at Rogers Arena,

is that some needs were met…

Carey Price,

and his community,

saw some necessary justice,

the Canadiens got their two points,

to hold their place,

in the Eastern Conference,

and the Canucks were pushed,

to re-group…

You gotta love that…

There’s a cold wind warning,

coming to the west coast,

this weekend,

and the thing I’m really liking,

about NHL hockey these days,

is all the stories,

about the sleepers

Those little guys,

who grew slow,

started late,

and against all odds,

came from out of nowhere,

to remind us all,

that what really counts,

with respect to maturity,

is what you do,

with your foundation,

while in preparation,

for the call,

to the big leagues…

Do you take sugar???

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