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Lumber jack…

February 18, 2011

Forget those clever techniques and self-improvement programs,

and everybody will be better off…

Do not promise to cure people,

to make people feel good,

to make life sane or fair or humane…

— in The TAO of Leadership by John Heider

While I was waiting,

to fill out some paper work,

I overheard a conversation,

from down the corridor,

about MSP premiums,

going into gross revenues,

and how users should learn,

to pay for,

the real costs,

of what they’ve been taking

I couldn’t agree more,

and put the argument,

directly into,

my filing cabinet…

When I arrived home,

after completing a cycle,

around Stanley Park,

there was a little surprise,

from Costco,

on my door mat,

which included a coupon,

for blade refills,

and some fine print,

about the best a man can get…

I have no idea what it means,

but I put the message,

under safety deposit,

until further notice…

Apparently Cory Schneider lunches,

on a roast beef sandwich,

and takes a 90 minute nap,

before he goes in net…

Every player has a routine,

to get ready,

for what needs to be done,

to bring home,

the Stanley Cup…

And what I do,


is both personal,


and quite frankly,

none of your GD business…

Except for the part,

about joining up…

That goes without saying,

and is all anyone,

really needs,

to know,

about finding,

the honey…

When it's quiet and I don't hear a thing...

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