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Trouble shooting…

February 17, 2011

I have decided I will not shave again until we meet…

My beard will be a token of universal friendship,

and the love between us…

— King Henry the VIII in The Tudors

Yesterday I went out,

on the ice,

for the first time,

in a couple of years,

and fell flat on my face…

I couldn’t figure out why,

I’d pancaked,

until I tried to get back up,

and realized,

in a major brainiac move,

I’d left my skate guards on…

By the time I got home,

from Little Gem’s school field-trip,

to the rink,


were in place,

to lift the house,

across the street…

This little old house,

was once a box set,

ordered from,

the Eaton’s catalogue,

brought to site,

and reassembled into rental housing,

back in the late 1800’s…

It is the oldest one,

of its kind…

A young woman,

employed in construction,

bought the house a few years ago,

and has finally played the city hall,

permit game,

long enough,

to start renovation,

with her own two hands…

The other day,

I found her in the dirt,

blasting sections,

of the makeshift foundation,

with a jackhammer…

Her partner,

who was wheeling fill,

told me,

She’s a force to be reckoned with…

I just ride on her coat tails…

I begged to differ,

because I’d watched him taking care of her,

for months,

after she’d been thrown off her bicycle,

and came home wearing a cast,

from her ankle,

up to her hip…

I reminded him,

We each have our own strengths,

and I’ve seen yours…

She couldn’t do what she’s doing without your support…

Never forget that…

I set up a research station,

on the sidewalk,

to keep an eye,

on how the house lifters,

were all working together,

without saying anything…

I knew I was in the company of genius,

to witness such subtle,

and precise communication,

under the roar,

of a winch…

I asked partner when the crew had arrived,

and how long his woman had been working with them,

because I saw the joint effort,

was seamless…

He knew what I was talking about,

and confirmed,

All morning…

But it took mere seconds for the gel to set…

They had their jokes,

their common language,

and partner and I were on the outside of it,

looking in…

My guess is,

that if I asked each one of those men,

about success in school,

the answers would be unanimous…

If I were premier,

I would make it a right,

of every single classroom in this province,

to have a wheelbarrow full,

of the language of Lego,

by tomorrow,

with the minimum amount,

of mandated building time,

retroactive to 2004,

locked in to the schedule…

Funny how a number of years ago,

I went out for dessert with some teachers,

and someone’s boyfriend just happened,

to drop by,

and pick up the tab…

At the time,

I had no idea who Kevin Falcon was,

or what he was trying to become,

and I really didn’t give a rat’s ass…

As it wasn’t clear,

whether to spank,

or burp him,

I filled his ears,

with stories,

of experience…

He listened,

and heard,

and wondered,

about the magic,

because there was no where else to go…

And I knew a time would come,

when the messages would sink in,

with action not being optional…

Last week a friend asked me,

if my ears had been burning,

the day before,

when a spontaneous cotton-ball fight,

instigated by a five year old,


in their Kindergarten classroom,

as she was telling her teaching partner,

how much I live for,

little moments,

like that…

Did you say pretty ponies??? (staging and photo by Little Gem)

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