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Grilled cheese…

October 22, 2009

Yesterday I rode the Airport Express,

from Pearson International,

to the Westin Harbour Castle…

Along the way I knitted,

and listened to a woman,

at the back of the bus,

talking about the minute details of her life,

on a cell phone…

I was all ears,

because I didn’t have a choice…

It is astonishing what people are willing to say,

to each other,

in public…

And at the same time she was filling the bus with her life,

like a smoker standing beside a non-smoking section,

whether anyone around her was interested or not,

she criticized others,

I don’t know what is wrong with the world,

all people do these days is text and Twitter…

I believe it was Rumi who once said,

or wrote,

that We don’t see things the way THEY are…

We see them the way WE are…

One only needs to open a newspaper,

to see that critical thinking,

is not an area of expertise,

in this country…

We need to start with THE children,

in schools,

is a common refrain among politicians…

But really,

what we need,

to start with,

is ourselves…

Right NOW…

In today’s (October 22, 2009) Globe and Mail,

of the LIFE section,

a woman (I use this term loosely) writes in to Damage Control,

about a faux pas she made,

when she texted a girlfriend,

about the sexual performance,

or lack there of,

of a man she is dating…

And instead of sending it to her friend,

she accidently,

sent it to him…


If the man was smart he would never see her again…

Or he would say,

Text me when you grow up…

People with any intelligence,

and maturity,

refuse to date,

because they don’t have to…

The universe works in very mysterious ways…

And if you’re in alignment with your higher aspects,

you really just have to stand still,

and the person of your dreams WILL show up,


and until then,

you just have to wait…

Damage Control offered a weak advice,

about men’s sexuality,

their performance pieces,

and how she can control the damage,

so that she can get him back,

and keep him,

through a game of cat,

and mouse…

As my daughter Starshine often says,

Good luck with that…

One day I was in my local neighbourhood deli,

getting some beer sausage,

for Starshine and Little Gem’s sandwiches…

The store is owned and operated,

by an Italian family,

who has lived in my neighbourhood,

for generations…

I’ve been buying my cold cuts there for seventeen years,

and I’ve known the grandchildren since they were babies…

They’re all teenagers now,

and that afternoon I talked with them,

about the distraction of texting…

I asked them why they don’t,

simply communicate,

with telepathy…

The  seventeen year old girl said,

matter of fact,

Because not everyone,

is like US,


The wind in my lungs...

The wind in my lungs...

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