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Cat trick…

April 17, 2012

like popcorn stuck to itself,

or a string of lace rolled up tight,

or a handful of fingerling shells pasted together,

each with a tear where something,

escaped to the sea. I brought it home

out of the uncombed morning and consulted

among my books. I do not know

what to call this sharpest desire

— in Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver

On the second day,

of the racing season,

an owner asked me,

if I could speak,

to her horse,

and ask him,

why he reared,

right out,

of the starting gate,

and ended up last,

at the wire…

I said,

I can see,

nothing more,

than he wants,

to show me,

and then I fell down,

in the feed room,

as the horse amplified,

his feeling,

of rage,

and shame,

through every cell,

of my body…

I crossed the shedrow,

to see if,

there were,

any more comments,

on the matter,

and he shrugged,

his shoulders

as if,

to say,

I don’t know WHY…

It’s JUST,


After the delivery,

of the core message,

he turned his head,

into the corner,

of his stall,

and pointing,

a hind end,

in my general direction,

as he held the space,

for his own privacy,

the best he could,

under the given,


he whispered,


Now ENOUGH said…

One of the things,

I love most,

about working,

with horses,

if their economy,

of expression…

They make Coach V,

look like,

a complete,

and total,


Funny how,

once again,

people have taken,

to asking me,

What IS going on,

with YOUR Vancouver Canucks???

as if,

they were all mine…

Well the thing I know,

about athletes,


and built,

for speed,

is that one,

of two things,

can happen,

when beasts,

break free,

of the starting gate…

And when,

push comes,

to shove,

at the blue lines,

a photo finish,

will determine,

the true test,

of champions,

at the quarter mile…

Little Gem’s,

words from the weary,

are a recipe,

for winding’er down…


I think,

it’s time,

for everyone,

to take,

a little trip,

to Relaxustan

People throw rocks at things that shine...

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