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Medicine hat…

April 2, 2012

Just then,

the moon emerged from the clouds,

and swathed in brilliant light,

Greta returned to her chambers…

As she concealed the bottle of serum in a drawer,

her bird gave a shrill cry…

It had laid two more eggs…

“A sign!!!” she cried,

freeing the creature from its cage…

It stepped into the glow of the candles…

— in The Alchemist and the Angel by Joanne Owen

One thing,

I like to astound,

my children with,

is my dexterity,

with song…

On any given day,

we can be driving up,

or down,

Highway #1,

Commercial Drive,

or the Barnet,

and I can belt out,


from Donna Summers,

to Carly Rae Jepsen,

with the moves,

like Tina…

Their jaws drop,

as they exclaim,

How do you know,

those things???

The answer,

to such questions,


It’s from teaching elementary,

my dear Watsons…

The other evening,

as I prepared,

to support my team,

with a hot bath,

and a nap,

I woke up,

just in time,

for the post-game interviews,

after a 5-2 win,

over the Stars…

This gives new meaning,

to BEING asleep,

on the job…

A clinician,

recently said,

as he supervised,

my securement,

of a Western saddle,

on a girthy Pinto mare,

for the first time,

I can see,

you’ve got,

your own way,

of doing things…

I stayed focused,

on the task at hand,

while I wandered on,

what’s the point,

of doing anything,

at all,

if you don’t find,

your own way…

And a little later on,

as this creaky horse,

and I,

worked out,

hind quarter yields,

around a barrel,

I heard a message,

about the necessity,

to fly,

without judgement,

upon the release,

of each puck…

Whenever I’ve finished,

tacking up,

a Thoroughbred,

for a double gallop,

around the track,

his owner queries,

from the next,

stall down,

Are you kissing my horse???

When a dude,

with an attitude,

drops his head,

into your arms,

despite the blinkers,

and the ring bit,

in his mouth,

and has the grace,

to say,

Thank you,

for being here,

with his wall eye,

there’s no other option,

but to accept,

the invitation,

to climb,

into his 16+hand body,

like yesterday,

just don’t matter,

any more,

and let the trip begin,

with a kiss…

Me minus you is such a lonely ride...

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