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Acid reflux…

October 16, 2011

Your hands tell you everything…

— 2nd most trusted man in Canada, Mike Holmes, speaking on how to know you’re doing it right…

The jig,

is pretty much up,

when the anticipation,

of a 4 pm. game start,

in Phoenix,


just about,

anything else…

Starshine and I,

took a pre-,

Hockey Night in Canada visit,

to the official website,

of the Vancouver Canucks,

and she smiled,

as she told me,


you know what to do…

So just do it…

I told her,

I may,

have lost,

that loving feeling…

She said,


you had the same fear,

last season,

and then look what happened…

You gave new meaning,

to may the force be with you…

Don’t worry,


will become clear,

and it’s okay,

to get off,

with a slow start…

In the middle,

of last night’s sleep,

I found myself,

inside a memory,

where I was holding,

a lifeless,

little boy,

and felt a searing pain,

in my breast bone…

I started to sob,

and by the time,

the crying,

was over,

the pain,

had disappeared

This time traveling,

gives new meaning,

to trigger points,

an MRI,

and just what,

the doctor ordered…

And when you,

wake up to it,

what was,

once considered,

an emission impossible,

is reduced,

to being,


a twinkle,

in someone,

else’s eye…

In the midnight hour...

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