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Scented stock…

June 6, 2011

“I have a pretty good idea of how to play goalie,”

Thomas said,

as muffled chuckles erupted throughout the large interview room…

“I’m not going to be taking suggestions or advice at this time,

so I’m going to keep playing the way I have…”

—  Tim Thomas, on kiss my hairy ass, in THE news…

When I’m wide awake,

tossing and turning,

I don’t expend energy,

thinking about,

Kurt Russell,

or 25 of the NHL’s,

hottest hockey players…


I put my mind,

to imagining,

how I ultimately,

want to be,

in goal…

When I was in,

grade seven,

I played one season,

of cosom hockey,

and hated it,

because we had,

no protection,

and I was scared,

for my teeth…

As an adult,

in the annual,

noon-hour game,

between the grade sevens,

and the teachers,

I always played net,

with full gear

And when it was,

all said,

and done,

I’d overhear,

my former students,

from grade one,

talking down the hall,

amongst themselves,

back to class,


Who ever knew,

she had THAT in her???

The thing is,

we never do find out,

what we have in us,

until we try things…

So I’m big,

on trying…

I once sat,

in a circle,

with some fellow,

PhD students,

and heard a story,

from a man,

about how,

he made a decision,

to do some,

professional development,

because the option,

was the very thing,

he feared the most…

And in facing,

his biggest fear,

he found himself,

in a round pen,

with a horse…

He remarked,

about how,

after a few minutes,

the horse,

approached him,

with his open hand,

and he felt fire,

in his chest,

like never before…

If you’ve never felt a fire,

in your chest,

it’s a little like,


your wildest dreams,

with clothes on,

and all of your bodies,

filling up,

with light…

Most people,

don’t even have,

this concept,

on their list,

of things to do,

because they’ve never heard,

of such a thing…

But now you have,

so write it down,

and see,

if it happens…

A whiner-loser,

masked as,

a sports-reporter,

calling into question,

the style,

and play,

of the goalie,

with the highest save percentage,

in the NHL,


is fairly comparable,

to a family lawyer,


as a high-priced prostitute,

telling me,

in a court of law,

that I have poor judgment,

when it comes,

to the decisions I make,

for myself,

and my children, …

A lot of people,

support themselves,

by advising others,

on what,

they should,

and shouldn’t,

be doing,

based on,


rather than,

what wants,

to happen,

right now…

And it’s got,

to stop…

As #17 says,

about 22+33=superNOVA,

They lead,

by example

I have no doubt,

in Alain Vigneault’s team,

of Lippanzer stallions,

who are,

as we speak,

fueling up,

for a game three,

final round,


of man-oeuvres…

But seeing as,

there’s so much,

to go around,

what’s the harm,

in sharing a bit,

of pink,

by cheering,

for Boston’s #30,

and his fantastic tapping,

of the pipes…


as we all know,

the very best things,

in life,

are certainly,


of ritual,

and reverence…

And when it comes,

to contracting out,

a Stanley Cup victory,

I know,

for sure,

THE key players,

would much prefer,


forty years,

of history,

not with a C-section,

but with,

a flaming,


god send…

They wake at dawn, because all the birds are singing...

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