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Booster juice…

April 3, 2011

Not taking anything away from Edmonton,

because I think they played real hard and real strong,

but for whatever reason we looked a little bit emotionally,

and physically,

not as crisp,

and sharp,

as we usually are…

— Alain Vigneault, Raw

Here we go…

The Canucks are on an all-time high,

grease comes to town,

wanting it bad,

the number one team in the NHL,

slips on the oil patch,

and the media are back grinding,

the doubter’s mill…

This morning,

Little Gem crawled into bed with me,

closed her eyes,

and asked,


what colour are my eyelids???

I looked at them,

and answered,

They’re porcelain,

with little purple lines,

from your blood vessels,

showing through…

She told me to close my eyes,

and read the morning paper,

Yours are grey…

I said,


Thanks a lot…

But she’s right,

because grey,

is how I feel…

As a Kindergarten,

and Grade One teacher,

on hiatus,

while I focus,

all of my energies,

into mothering,


my key responsibility,

is to stay the distance,

with what works best,

for everyone,

even if that means,

I might not look good,

all the time…

I must confess,

that even though,

just like anyone else,

I want a Stanley Cup,

I also wanted Edmonton to win…

If the Canucks,

had chalked up,

another two points last night,

the W,

wouldn’t have made,

much of a difference,

to franchise history…

But if the Oilers won,

as they did,

it means a lot of boys,

go to sleep happy,

and confident,

because they worked,

for what they wanted,

and earned their way,

out of last place,

in the standings…

Of that,

a parent,

can be proud…

Spring is taking its time today…

But the evidence of it,

is there,

under what we can’t always see…

In my morning prayers,

I ask to be surprised,

by hockey,

and how my team,

is going to do,

what hasn’t been done,

in a way that’s never been seen…

With the light of hands,

and twist,

of faith…

In all thy sons command...

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