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Cruise director…

March 29, 2011

Animals cannot explain their feelings in words,

they just follow their heart…

If you follow your heart,

like animals,

sometimes you can find your nature,

what is inside of yourself…

Every person has an original way of thinking…

Use your instinct,

and excavate the creativity that has been buried…

— in Felt Me a Smile by Toyoka Sugiwaka

Every night,

when I lay down my head,

on my pillow,

I work through a list,

of thoughts,

directed at some special,



as the D-men fall,

the list is getting longer…

But I take the time,

that is asked of me,

to get the job done,


There’s no sense,

rushing to sleep,

when you’ve got,

all night…

One of the major requests,

I’ve been focused on,

is a personal policy,

of protective eye-wear,

securely in place,

on every last,

Vancouver Canuck,

by the end,

of the regular season…

When you wear roses,

on your sleeve,

and have a spectacular pair,

of deer eyes,

you need to take,

the necessary steps,

to prevent injury,

to your assets,

in the name,

of your Manny,

who is,

as we speak,

in post-operative,


I have a big apple,

in my purse,

for every single one,

of my horses,

who has the balls,

to jump across,

for collective good…

If a whole team,

can work its way,

into several franchise records,

including each player,

holding themselves,

under 100 PIM’s,

why not push it further,

while you’re all on a roll…

I remember laying,

on a table,

about four years ago,

when I was feeling like,

a rocket,

was launching,

in every cell of my body,

and I didn’t know,

where to turn…

The person working,

in my field,


You really don’t know,

how strong you are,

do you???

I didn’t then…

But ever since,

these games have begun,

I’ve been all over them,

like a little prayer…

And I can see,

that the walls,

are shaking

Climb aboard, we're expecting you...


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