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Repeat angler…

May 12, 2010

Once there was a boy…

and the boy loved stars very much…

Every night the boy watched stars from his window…

and wished he had one of his very own…

— in How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Little Gem and I went fishing today…

The lake was freshly stocked with 1,250 trout,

and we were taking a necessary break,

from media backlash…

Nothing matches the tranquility of casting,

into dark waters,

with food for thought,

on a homemade rod,

crafted from a branch,

some 30 pound line,

and a hook…

And there is no better way,

to nurse wounds,

than being with others,

who share the same hopes,

and dreams…

Lucky for me there is a four catch limit,

and other people’s hopes,


faster than mine…

I just polished off someone’s extra,

with a side of basmati,

and it was delicious…

The Canadiens win over Pittsburgh this afternoon,

only proves one thing:

that nobody knows anything,

about hockey,

and those who think they do,

are dead wrong…

Vancouver Canucks fans,


do not have the maturity,

to sustain support,

of a professional hockey team…

I’m relatively new to this,

but I have two seasons under my belt now,

and that is enough to have seen,

and heard,

what pretty much,


to a strata meeting,

before and after,

each game…

The fact that a scalper couldn’t sell a ticket,

to game six of the Canucks vs. the Blackhawks,

isn’t evidence of anything,

except that some prices are too high,

to keep paying…

Love is not a word,

it is a feeling,

and you know when it is real,

because it never goes away…

I grew up in a family where I was regularly told,

that I needed counseling,

because the adults in the house,

weren’t happy,

that my personality created tension,

and that I needed to improve myself…

The week before Christmas was usually the time,

where I could count on receiving,

the biggest laundry list,

of all of my failings,

and burden,

as a daughter…

I share this only to illustrate,

the point,

that I was given the experiences,

that I needed,

to dissolve core beliefs,

and find my way home,

to myself…

I want every single person,

on that Canucks roster,

to know,

that in my opinion,

this was a fabulous season…

The coaching was excellent,

the general management was superb,

and the statistics,

are completely,


Thank you for all of the highs and lows,

the surprises,

the mystery,

the commitment,

and the velvet hands…

I thought I wanted a Stanley Cup,

but what I found was a good time…

I didn’t want to miss a second of it,

and I can’t wait until next season…

In fact,

I’m making a new outfit,

for the occasion,

of first puck drop,

in October…

I’ll guarantee,

that it is going to be,


Now let’s forget everything,

and play some golf…

Note to Self:

If Scott Oakes ever happens to interview you next season,

and wants to know what you were thinking,

when you drove one hard past Kane,

and Buyfuglien,

right into Niemi’s net,

with 5 seconds left in game seven,

to win the series,

tell him that you were in the zone,

and you’re weren’t thinking anything…

But that right now you’re thinking of a rat’s ass,

and it’s begging for a close shave…

I drew a line for you...

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