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February 8, 2010

Flamenco is like golf…

if you don’t set up properly you’re just not going to get any better…

YOU are responsible for your own posture…

Kasandra La China…

The stand we take,

as our city moves onto the center of the world stage,

is something that each of us needs to have awareness of…

Pro-Olympics or not…

I am of two minds on the coming games,

but I’ll certainly be hanging a flag both inside and outside of my house,

in honour of patriotic spectacle,

and sport,

because that is the kind of Canadian I AM…

Today I was practicing invisibility,

and remote viewing techniques in preparation for undercover work on public safety,

and fun…

Looking and listening for everything,

like a C.S.I…

And last week I made note of how many constables it takes to screw in a lightbulb,

and drink Grande Americanos,

while sitting on their arses in Yaletown…

With two cruise ships full of military police docked in Burrard Inlet,

and a billion dollars at stake,

I want to ensure that this city’s taxpayers,

me included,

are getting our monies worth of security for 2010…

Remember the girl with the sticky fingers...

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