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Clean flush…

June 12, 2009

What does it mean when every time your children return home after spending half the week with their father,

within one hour of being with you,

each go to roost,

one upstairs and one downstairs,

and return looking lighter and refreshed???

And often when you’re speaking over the phone with an honest friend,

she tells you,

ten minutes into the conversation,

without skipping a beat,

that she has to go number two,

and that this is good,

and she only has one other friend,

who has the same effect on her,

and that in your classroom your students who usually can’t go at school,


Should teachers whom,

by their very presence and frequency of inner peace,

relax their students enough so that they can relieve themselves,

and freely cry tears of release,

at school,

be recognized,

as having special qualifications???

What would the world be like if we could all move our bowels,

in peaceful privacy,

and weep as soon as the urge arose???

On another note,

today I went to my daughters’ school for Sports Day…

When I arrived,

all of the children and staff were in the gym,

stretching to music…

The feeling of spirit filled me with such intensity,

I had to leave the room and cry…

Crying for just a few seconds…

I told two parents about this…

They said that they could feel it too,

and that they wanted to cry,

but chose to block it…

I mentioned this to the principal…

He looked pleased,

as he scratched the top of his head…

I didn’t ask if he felt an opening to spirit through his scalp…

I didn’t have to,

because I could feel it too…

And then I was chatting with a teacher,

whom I’d just recently met,

on a field trip to the Anthropology Museum,

about his sore throat…

He told me that it wasn’t getting better,

and how difficult it is to heal yourself,

at the end of the school year ,

when there is so much to do,

and you just can’t stay home sick

I asked if his ears had been bothering him…

He said,


He had a feeling like water was swishing around in them,

and that his brains were leaking out of his head…

I said,

I don’t know if this will resonate with you,

but I wonder if your ears are preparing you,

to listen differently…

Maybe they’re trying to filter out negativity,

and all of the lies we’ve been sold…

Maybe they’re trying to lead you to silence…

The rings of resonance sounded…

What does this have to do with the Canucks and hockey???


I wonder if player performance,

and team cohesiveness would be enhanced with the regularity,

of impressive evacuations,

and a good cry…

A clearing of tension,

and old vibrations,

allowing the stars to shine…

Maybe scouts should be looking for players,

with that kind of effect on a team…

A relaxed centre,

with good bathroom humour,

could shift the NHL towards a whole new set of criteria,

in the hunt for up and coming rookies,

who have that something extra to offer…

As for stadium atmosphere,

the pre-game Oh Canada would certainly become a collective tear jerker,

if only it were sung by a child…

We would sing and dance around because we know we can't be found...

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