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Dolly grip…

February 21, 2012

On March 4, 1942 22,000 Japanese Canadians were given 24 hours to pack before being interned…

They were first incarcerated in a temporary facility at Hastings Park Race Track in Vancouver…

Women, children and older people were sent to internment camps in the Interior…

Others were forced into road construction camps…

There were also “self-supporting camps”,

where 1,161 internees paid to lease farms in a less restrictive environment,

although they were still considered “enemy aliens”.

Men who complained about separation from their families,

or violated the curfew,

were sent to the “prisoner of war” camps in Ontario…

— on, researched and written by Diana Breti for The Law Connection

You know you’re getting somewhere,

with your children,

when you can lip sync,

to Adele’s,

someone like you,

with them watching,

through the window,

while you’re waiting,

at the cashier,

to buy shrimp cakes,

and they don’t,

go bezerk…

In fact,

after dropping off,

a friend,

of Little Gem’s,

after a walk,

in the woods,

and me singing along,

to Gord Bamford,

I looked in the rear view,

and both girls,

were right there,

with me,

completely in tune,

to my daughter’s father,

like it was,

a regular day,

at the recording studio…

And when we pulled away,

from the side walk,

I heard a,

Thank you, Mama,

from the back seat…

I wondered,

For what???

She said,

For being yourself,

right from,

the very beginning

I remember the day,

I found a poem,

filed under Documents,

on my laptop,

and three of the lines read,

Love is very mysterious

And at the same time it is the most beautiful  

thing in the world…

When I asked about,

this treasure,

I was told,

in plain language,

I wrote that,

when I was mad,

at you…

The adult world,

thinks it knows,

what children see,

and imposes,

its views,

with an authority,

of ignorance…

When I want to know,

what children see,

I give the choice,

of language,

with which,

they wish,

to communicate,

their own vision(s),

and even then,

I’m well aware,

that I can’t see,

the snap shot,

the child sees,

as it is…

I can only see,

the image,

as I am…

Last Friday morning,

I returned a race horse,

to his stall,

after morning gallop,

and a hot walk…

As I stood there,

on the other side,

of the divider,

from my new,

found friend,

his owner/trainer asked,

from the darkness,

at the end,

of the aisle,

What are you doing,

with my horse???

I condensed it,

to say,

I’m showing him,

how much I BELIEVE,

in what,

his heart,

can do…

Shook me up like a leaf in a hurricane... (photo: Little Gem)

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