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Mute point…

January 6, 2012

Jacinta saw the blue butterfly — a small moth really;

a mud-puddle moth, but pretty, and pale blue like the spring sky —

and she knew what Thomasina was doing…

Jacinta did not think her crazy,

and did not try to draw her to the reception or to move her from this moment of peace…

Women did not get many moments like this in their lives,

sun beating on their eyelids in a hidden corner and no one asking them for anything…

No one asking them to find the salt,

or wait for a man who might come home in three months but might not…

Women of Croydon Harbour knew what was expected of them at all times,

and they did it…

And the men were expected to do things too,

and they did them,

and there was no time left…

— in Annabel by Kathleen Winter

Some people,

probably wouldn’t believe,

that cats can recognize,

the sound of a car engine,

around the corner,

signalling a warm lap,

or dinner…

But they do…

And I know that,

not because,

a psychologist told me,

but because I see them,

come running…

And some people,

wouldn’t believe,

that rabbits,


when you walk,

in the door…

But I do,

because I hear them,


a I know you’re there,

for their fresh greens,

and a soft hand,

that says Hello

One of the things,

I heard,

Mike Gillis say,

to the milk maids,

on THE Team 1040,

is We like our fans,

to be,

in the best condition,

at the right time,

to watch,

our games,

and a 10 am.,


on a Saturday,

has the potential,

to be interfered with,

by family activities…

In my mind,

this mid-morning,


between the Bruins,

and Vancouver,

with Cory Schneider,

in goal,

is about to,

set a trend,

that is not,

to be messed with…

You just never know,

what’ll work,

until you try it,

and no one,

really knows,

what’s about to unfold,


it really,


And I have,

solid faith,

in the gut,

of the cannon,

that is calling,

the shots,

to handle,

the mystery,

as it arises,

like a zen master…

I remember the summer,

in between,

high school graduation,

and starting up,

at UBC,

when a friend,

would drive up,

every weekend,

from Seattle,

to pick me up,

from work,

to head downtown,

to our favorite club,

and the bartender’s girlfriend,

telling me,

over Long Island Iced Tea’s,

I’m a change..

I had no idea what,

she was referring to

and my face,

must have been,

dying of curiosity,

because she took me,

by the hand,

and said,


I’ll show you…

And in a stall,

of the ladies washroom,

I got to see,

the perfection,

of what modern,

1980’s science,

could do,

with what,

didn’t want,

to be a man…

And the thing,

I’ve wondered,

ever since,

is what part,

of a person,

knows when,

what is seen,

on the outside,

matches up,

with what is known,

from the inside,

when there are,

as many ways,

of looking,

and being,

as there are lookings,

and beings,

on earth…

And is Hockey Canada,

and the NHL,


the necessary steps

to prepare for,

and recruit,

those up and coming,

super stars,

who intend,

to take our national game,

to places,

it’s never gone before,

for the better,

while they fight,

to play,


or are those organizations,


to stay asleep,

at the wheel…

I had to laugh,


when Coach V,

was quoted,

as saying,

You guys are beautiful,

in response,

to the furthering,

of ridiculous questions,

by the media,

before the team,

was even on,

the plane,

to Boston…

There are times,

when it is important,

to focus,

on one game,

at a time…

And to stay clear,

on that…

And then,

there are,

those other times,

when seeing,

down the road ahead,

is a chance,

to state,

the very thing,

that needs,

to be said,

in the world,

and it takes,

the right,

kind of man,

to stand up,

and say it…

We are stitched together... (photo: Starshine)

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