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December 21, 2011


Tulsa’s race trainer,

didn’t like steroids…

“I don’t like to run them on that junk…

Makes them feel like champs all the time…

They can’t tell how they really feel —

so I can’t tell how they feel…

What if a horse is hurting and they don’t know it???

That horse might just break down during a race and get in a bad wreck…

I’d rather run a horse that can win on their own…”

— in Beyond the Homestretch by Lynn Reardon


as I was shopping,

for work socks,

and overalls,

in the Carhartt boutique,

of Mark’s,

I asked the salesman,

who looked like,

he needed to cry,

a puddle,

of tears,

and run away,

to Kathmandu,

how he was handling,

the Christmas carols,


over his head…

He sufficed it,

to say,

It’s so much better,

than the heavy rock,

the rest of the year…

But after eight hours a day,

of canned Christmas,

from the middle,

of November,


I have to go home,

and face,

the same music…

And then my wife,


that I’m not,

in the spirit…

When a man,

prefaces ANYTHING,

by the words,

I love my wife dearly BUT,

the gig,

is pretty much up…

And when you over hear,

a wife,


I should have gotten into shape,

BEFORE I had my bunions removed,

well you know,

you’ve just heard,

only one,

of the many reasons,

dear god,

why some men,

feel the need,

to ask their doctor,

if Cialis,

is right,

for them…

One thing,

I always ask a gelding,

when I see him drop,

when I haven’t even,

touched him yet,

is what did I do???

And they all say,

You don’t need,

to do anything,

except BE there…

I’m super pumped,

about tonight’s game,

against Detroit…

Watching two teams,

about to execute,

a similar system,

of skill,


and speed,

with solid,

goal tending,

is a treat,

to behold…

And it goes without saying,

that when it comes,

to the locker room,

that Mr. Babcock,

is a class act…

To see Coach B,

and AV,

on a 24/7,

road to the NHL,

Winter Classic,

is something,

I’ve got,

on my Christmas list…

And I know,

that my secret Santa,

has every intention,

of delivering

Of a pure Virgin bright...

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