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Glass tiger…

November 29, 2011

At home I made my ambitions known by parading around with a cardboard tube held to my eye,

shouting, “Land ho!!!”

and “Prepare a landing party!!!” until my parents shooed me outside…

I think they worried that my grandfather would infect me,

with some incurable dreaminess,

from which,

I would never recover—

these fantasies were somehow inoculating me against more practical ambitions—

so one day my mother sat me down,

and explained that I couldn’t become an explorer because everything in the world,

had already been,


— in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

When a woman like me,

gets to this ripe age,

she starts looking,

to assemble,

her hunting buddies…

Yesterday morning,

I woke up,

brushed my teeth,

with vanilla Crest,

and asked Great Spirit,

to place someone,

on my path,

to help me,


with my gun dog…

And less than four hours later,

I was thank full,

to have met,

a potential applicant,

on the Varley Trail…

Now if you’re intending,

to put yourself,

out there,

in the bush,

you have to be,

extremely discerning,

about whom,

you put yourself,

out there with,

because things,

as we know,

can go sideways,

in a second,

if the rules,

and regs,

aren’t established,

and followed,

right from,

the get go…

Most recently,

I was playing fetch,

in my neighbourhood park,

under the newly constructed,

eagles’ nest,

built together,

by the pair,

when a man approached me,

with his two flat-coated retrievers,

and filled me in,

on the purpose,

of exciting,

a Pointer’s tail,

in the field…

He spoke,

of a recent trip,

to Douglas Lake,

for pheasant,

and told me,

where to go,

to find out more,

about what’s,



my attention…

A lot of people,

are horrified,

when I talk about,

my intentions,

to put meat,

on the table,

with my own two hands…

But then they haven’t seen,

the look,

of pride,

in my dog’s eyes,

when she brings me,

a gift,

from a shopping bag,

with a soft mouth,

and says,

Look, what I got for you!!!

They also haven’t watched her,

sit like a statue,

through a civic,

fireworks display,

and look into,

the darkness,

at the end of it all,


Now can I go find those birds,

I’m supposed to bring back,

for my lady???

When those same people,

suggest tracking,

and agility games,

instead of,

the real thing,

because they themselves,

just can’t stomach,

the thought,

I ask how porn,

and other,



works for them,

and that pretty much,

puts an end,

to the conversation…


if you spend,

any time listening,

to some,

of the major irritants,

who call themselves,

sports broadcasters,

there’s a goalie controversy,


in our fine city…

As per the usual,

I beg to differ…

What’s going on right now,



and Bobby Lu,

is likely,

nothing more,

than a few days,

in a row,

of yo bro’,

no mo’???,

and a friendly game,

of keep em’ guessing,

in the dressing room…

The man they call AV,

must be supremely commended,

for his keen ability,

to spoon bend,

in front of,

the microphones,

over here,

while he’s directing traffic,

in his ninja suit,

over there…

Put a little gravel in my travel... (photo: Starshine)

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