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Spawning ground…

September 10, 2011

“What’s it take Dad,” I asked,

“to break a woman’s grip on a man???”

Dad stopped and looked at me…

He looked at my build and read my eyes…

“A good fight can settle things pretty quick…

Women respect that…

But you’re a little young for her, don’t you think???

Why not go for the one who’s calling the house???”

I wrinkled my nose. “Too young…”

He nodded and said nothing before starting the chainsaw back up and getting to work…

Doug was a dirty fighter, mean…

I was worried…

I knew I couldn’t beat him…


I was only seventeen…

— in The Moon of Letting Go and other stories by Richard Van Camp

I definitely,

always saw,


in my future,

I just never knew,

that one of them,

would be mine…

I have a new list,

to work through,

and on top of,

a hammer,

some pliers,

and a screwdriver set,

the things,

I’m going to be needing,

for my tool box,


a rectal thermometer,

and an equine,


This project,

of gathering,

and organizing,

such specialized,


is going to depend on,

the multiple intelligences,

of a Virgo,

to reach fruition…


for the second time,

in my life,

I’ve been certified…

The process,

was unlike,

any other,

I’ve ever been through,


And it was the first time,

I’ve ever showed up,

to learn something,

and felt,


that I was exactly,

in the right place,

at the right time,

with some pretty,

cool customers…

There is nothing quite like,

wrapping your hand,

around the top gum,

of a well-seasoned,

Morgan mare,

and feeling her,

drop the weight,

of her head,

into your arm,

as she says,

loud and clear,



This morning,

on my way,

to the credit union,

a woman issued,

the following warning,

You’re going to be needing,

to get yourself,

a shot gun,

a compound bow,

and a hunting license,

for what’s coming next,

in your life…

I smiled,

and put her Snell Knot,


on my hook,

because I knew,

just what,

she was,

talking about…


Little Gem has taken,

to wondering,

from her booster seat,

things like,


Would you prefer a Mini Cooper,

or a pick-up truck???

I look back at her,

in the rear view,

and answer,

For the line of business,

I’m being called to,

a vehicle,

with the power,

to bring home,

22,700 pounds,

of bacon,

for the long haul,

is just what,

this doctor,


Oh my eyebrows ain’t plucked…

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