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Ballroom bitz…

August 12, 2011

The birds are immediately on our arms and hands…

A dozen or more…

And each so light…

A few ounces at most…

They take up only a handful of space,

and yet their touch fills me in immeasurable ways…

A few miraculous ounces that leave me in awe…

And today,

like each time they have landed on my hand for the past two hundred years,

I wonder at the weight of a sparrow…

— in The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson…

On our road trip,

through the desert,

Starshine looked up,

from The Gossip Girls,

she’d been buried in,

and wondered,

So Mama,

What are you thinking about???

I really didn’t want to say,

because I wasn’t sure,

she’d understand,

but I went for it anyway,

and told her,

I was thinking about what I’m going to wear,

on November 25th…

Starshine looked at me,

looked out the window,



and then told me what I already knew,

was coming,

You ARE going to get over this…

I stayed silent,

and kept my eyes,


straight ahead,

on the road,

in front

She added,

You got over Kyle Wellwood,

and Ryan Johnson…

You’ll find someone else,

and move on,

just like you did last year…

I said,


is different,

and completely,

within reason,

to begin,

a movement,

the likes of which,

the NHL,

AND the Vancouver Canucks,

have never seen before…

Starshine narrowed her eyes,

as my vision,

of bringing a beluga,

back where he belongs,

flashed before,

her very eyes…

She looked exasperated,

like I should find,

a bigger cause,

but smiled,

her easy smile,


How did I ever,

end up,

with a mother,

like you???

I heard her question mark,

and answered,


By choice…

Lately I’ve taken,

to wearing,




so’s to be better prepared,

to be of service,

for whenever,

the universe,


a power wash,

because that is the way,

that I am…

On our way back,

from rocky mountains,

and mind blowing,



a herd,

of fifty horses,

I was stopped,

by police,

check point…

The officiating constable,

asked for,

my driver’s license…

I didn’t have it handy,

so I asked permission,

to step outside,

my red car…

He directed,

I pull over,

and once I unearthed,

my identification,

made his approach,

without showing,

the human courtesy,

of removing,

his sunglasses…

With my personal,


in his hands,

he asked,

Are you heading home???

I answered,


And the hula hoop,

in the back of my car,

has nothing to do with Shambala…

It’s for fitness…

He returned,

my license,

to operate,

a motor vehicle,

and said,

Don’t worry,

I believe you…

Have a safe trip back…


a woman came to my house,

to see if it was suitable,

as a forever home,

for the placement,

of a rescue…

She was concerned about how,

a gun dog,

trained for retrieval,

would live with a rabbit…

When I showed her,

my research,

and methods,

she remarked,


there’s a pointer,

in that rabbit’s bed…

And they’re grooming each other…

I never would have figured out,

how to do get that to happen…

I looked,


and said,

When there’s a will,

there is ALWAYS,

a way

I'll hear my name as it's called again... (photo: Little Gem)

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