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Bible belt…

July 13, 2011

She was born with an unexplainable passion for fishing…

As a young girl she coaxed her father into going fishing and by the age of sixteen,

when she was old enough to drive,

she was devoting all of her free time to her local rivers…

— fly fishing guide,  April Vokey

A couple of hours ago,

I bought some kimchi,

at the farmer’s market,

directly across,

from Central Station…

When I told the vendor,

that this little jar,

of Napa Cabbage,

will be my first experience,

with home made,

fermented food,

he said,

with genuine enthusiasm,

I am so excited for you,

today is the day that you are really,


your new life

Today I worked with horses,

and riders,

from 8:45 am.,

until 4:00,

and when it was all said,

and done,

I smelled fantastic…

After running my hands,

along the back,

and hips,

of one arthritic horse,

after another,

I never want to wash,

in preference,

of the preservation,

of the musk,

of their hides,

for my dream time…

This morning,

I met a man,

who talked a mile,

a minute,

while I walked,

a mile an hour,

with his horse,

through the whispering leaves,

of Cottonwood trees,

and then some…

He said,

Today is the day,

I leave,

my wheelchair behind,

for three hours,

and start walking,

with a cane…

He talked about the fire,

in his belly,

and his courage,

to come back,

from where doctors said,

he never would…

He wove,

his own material,

about rebuilding confidence,

and how his favorite meal,

is a good steak,

which his wife makes for him,

every time,

he goes home,

for Sunday supper…

I told him to please stop,

and say no more,

or I’d start crying…

And then I did,

as soon as I stepped in,

the door,

and remembered,

how his twins,

give him,

all the inspiration,

he’ll ever need,

to get the job done

Mother Duck went Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack... (photo: Starshine)

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