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Biker chic…

July 1, 2011

For some women,

that’s what the forest was for:

private discussions with men…

Litz assumed by his popularity with women that he must be attractive…

Molly was defying this expectation,

but he didn’t believe her…

Litz believed Molly wanted it,

but couldn’t admit it…

Molly wasn’t a frigid thing…

She bit her bottom lip,

very on purpose,

and batted her eyelashes…

And here was Molly with Litz in the woods,

on New Year’s Eve no less…

But with a kiss on his cheek,

she dipped away without so much as a wrinkle on her skirts…

— in The Man Game by Lee Henderson

Early this morning,

I woke up,

with a start,

from a dream,

where I was leading,

a bunch,

of unrestricted free agents,

through an obstacle course,

and a scavenger hunt,

as a prospective developments,


for personal,


At one point,

I stood in the shadows,


with former Canuck,

Ryan Johnson…

He had a wad,

of cash,

from his defensive efforts,

in Chicago…

He said,

Take this,

it’s yours…

After showing him,

the sparkle,

of my engagement ring,

I accepted,

exactly half,

for the work I’d done…

And as we shook hands,

on a done deal,

the picture,


into thin air…

I have no idea,

what it means,

because this story,

like all of the others,

is still,

as we speak,


Last week,

I had a dream,

of rumours,

some people,

wanted to take me,

to Detroit,

for my hockey sense…

I didn’t want to go,

because I was worried,

that if I wasn’t at home,

when those who had been searching,

and waiting,

came for me,

they wouldn’t know,

where to find me,

and they’d incorrectly believe that,

I never really wanted them…

So I told the rumours,

to get out of my house,


A lot of people complain,

about the lack of attention,

and service available,

at THE Home Depot…

My experience,

has always been different,

because one gets,

what one puts,

out there…


when I was working through,

my list,

of necessary supplies,

for repairs,

and improvements,

help was coming,

from so many directions,

that I almost,

didn’t know,

what to do with it all…

So I took,

one step at a time,

and by the end of the day,

everything fell,

into place…

The air is cool today,

and a certain #13,

has been signed


So even though,

this is all,

the more reason,

to visit the desert,

in the middle of winter,

I had a little,

boo boo kitty,

then sent out a message,

about toughness,

and not backing down,

from your self-worth,

because when,

it’s all said and done,

no matter,

how hard they try,


can ever,

take that away,

from you…

Through a process,

of paperwork,

I was recently asked,

What is your current occupation???

and for the first time,

I didn’t hesitate,

and felt completely comfortable,




We ALL want something beautiful...

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