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Parabolically sound…

June 15, 2011

It’s a good thing Vancouver has Stanley Park because they’ll never have the Stanley Cup…

— author unknown, TO BE unwritten

On the weekend,

I scored big,

with a full set,

of tailor made,


golf clubs…

I bought them,

because they’re red,

but as I handed,

my hard earned,

money over,

the vendor told me,

These are too good,

for pitch and putt…

You’ll want to save them,

for a full course,

where I’m certain,

with your charm,

and swing,

you’ll cause,

quite a stir,

on the links…

I threw,

my brand new-to-me clubs,

over my shoulder,

and crossed the street,

to home,

only to hear,

the cat calls of,

Since when,

do you play golf,

with me scratching back,

since a smoke,

was a smoke

This morning,

fresh from,

a good night’s sleep,

and all ready,

for game day,

Little Gem said,

I feel like jumping,

on a plane,

and flying somewhere,

I’ve never been before…

In my mind,

we’re all on a plane,

with the certainty,

of flying somewhere,

we’ve never been before,

every second,

of every day,

with no accounting for,

being conscious,

of what’s really,

going on…

And the only thing,

between now,

and when,

a new legend,

begins again,

right out,

of kitchen stadium,

is an afternoon nap,

and THE secret ingredient

We see thee rise...

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