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Fore shadowing…

May 29, 2011

Little Fur sighed…

Being curious was tiring…

The Sett Owl had told her that curiosity was part of what made her a healer,

and another time Sorrow had said that curiosity could be a kind of bravery…

“You smell of memories,” Graysong said, “Are you thinking of your cat friend???”

“I was thinking of another friend —

a fox who was born and brought up inside a human machine…

Now he has gone to see if he can learn to be wild…”

— in little fur: A Mystery of Wolves by Isabelle Carmody

Some time,

last Winter,

I had a dream,

that I was rubbing my hands,

up and down,

the full length,

of a woman’s leg,

and wiggled my fingers,

in her private parts…

I woke up feeling,

extra squeamish,

because it was unusual

and I didn’t know,

what it meant…

So I phoned a friend,

who’s a nurse,

and she put words,

to the procedure…

She told me,

You need to get a business card…


of course,

had no idea,

what sort of business,

I was into,

so I filed her advice,

until further notice…

A day or so,

after the dream,

I was trying on clothes,

in a shared change room,

on my own,

when a woman entered,

with her twenty-one year old,


She saw a gold lace dress,

in my pile of keepers…

I told her to try it on…

I said,

If it fits you,

it’s yours…

She said something,


about how I’d gotten there,

before her…

I said,

No need to worry,

there’s so much to go around…

As she took her clothes off,

she showed me the wrapping,

on her leg,

and waving her hand around,


about how everything,

was loose,

down there,

from carrying,

and birthing,

her five children…

She said,

I just had an operation,

to strip my veins,

and tighten up…

I said,

That dress looks fantastic on you…

Throw on a pair of high boots,

and you,

are good to go,


with your husband…

She said,

That’s exactly what I was thinking…

We said our goodbyes,

and I rode off,

on my bicycle,

with my stethoscope,

tongue depressors,

and an awesome,


lab coat…

Last night,

I went to the Home Depot,

to pick up some necessary supplies…

When I got to the till,

and put my items,

on the counter,

the cashier asked,

Will that be all???

I said,


I don’t buy anything more,

than I need right now…

She said,

A corn broom,

and a toilet seat…

That’s the beginning of a great story…

I laughed…

She said,

Don’t get me started,

I could go on,

and on,

and then there would be a line-up…

I said,

Do you write your stories down???

She said,

No, I’m not a writer…

My cousin does that…

I’m just the zany one,

who comes up,

with all the ideas…

And then we run with them,


I said,

I’ll link you up…

It’s your time to shine…

And as I walked through,

the exit doors,

she called,

Thank you very much,

for shopping,

at Home Depot…

I have to admit,

I was a bummed,

that Tampa,

isn’t the Canucks’,


for the finals…

I have a fondness,

for a GM,

who is considered,

one of the best,


two-way forwards,


Not to mention,

the intensity,

of his coach,

who has never before,


in the NHL…


we don’t know,

how it is,

we get to where we are…

But I’ve heard it said,

many a time,

that you have to trust,

what you do know,

because it’s the very thing,

that got you there…

As I was hauling out,

15 years,

of rotten wood,

and debris,

from underneath,

my front porch,

because it was time,

to be done with it,

my super-duper neighbour,

who’s rebuilding,

her own house,

told me,

I quit my job…

Friday was my last day…

I was so tired of my boss,

telling me what to do…

I want to be my own man…

We giggled,


and pissed beer,

into our tool-belts,

at the very connotation…

I asked her about her fears,

heart palpitations,

and night sweats…

She wondered,

How do you know???

I said,

Because I’ve been there,

and done that…

She wondered,

Do you give sessions???

I said,

I’ve been giving you one,

every time we talk..

If you need further assistance,

we can set up a signal…

She said,

With your ears,

I know I won’t need to bark…

I’ll just use my bone whistle…

No one else can feel it for you... (photo: Vincy)

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