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Cheese strings…

May 11, 2011

Simply pour a sachet of Miso soup into a mug…

Add a cup (200ml) of boiling water and stir…

Wait a minute or two for the full flavour to develop before drinking…

Mighty Miso Pumpkin and Vegetable

With every drop,

that falls,

I must say,

I am truly grateful,

for this rain…

We are being,


with weather,

which depending,

on which side,

of the fence,

you sit,

is an opportunity,

to revel,

in all the mystery,

before Sunday 5 pm.,

Pacific Daylight Savings time…

I’ll be the first,

to admit,

that yesterday,

I was itchy,

and bummed,

like a junkie,

with a smashed pipe,

that Versus,

has the rights,

to the remaining games,

of the second round series,

and I don’t have access,

to GD cable…

But instead,

of letting,

the mood fester,

I moved,

my irritation,

with some badminton,

at MacLean Park…

By the time,

Little Gem,

and I got home,

from a record volley,

and heard,

over the airwaves,

that Detroit,

was still,

in the house,

I felt better,

all around…

If anyone,

wanted to catch sight,

of a rest day Canuck,

or two,

it’s my guess,

that a trip,

to the aquarium,

might have been,

in order…


I’m spending,

this fertile time,


for two full days,

of repeatedly,

giving birth,

to a breech baby,

with a cloth umbilicus,

through all those layers,

of memories,

for the good,

of the whole…

Don’t ask me how,

just know,

that I’ll be,

getting it done,


AND back in business,

well in time,

to race track,

with the next opponent,


that may be…

And if I can do my part,

so can you,


taking it,

to the limit,

this time,

isn’t optional…


the only,

burning question,


is who’s going,

to ensure,

the smoke house,

is good and ready,

for when,

the Orca sings,

her victory song…

Give me the beat boys...

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