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Miracle whip…

May 4, 2011

“Tell me about this farmer,” he said…

“What kind of man was he???”

Tree-ear considered the question for several moments,

stirring his memory…

At last he answered, “One who lacks patience—

He had not wanted to wait for a sturdier container to be built.

And he could not be bothered to pick up the fallen rice…”

Tree-ear paused,

“But he laughed easily,

even at himself…”

“If he were here now,

and heard you tell of waiting a little longer before speaking,

what do you think he would say or do???”

“He would laugh,” Tree-ear said,

surprising himself with the speed of his response…

Then more slowly he added,

“I think,

he would not have minded…”

Crane-man nodded,


And Tree-ear thought of something his friend often said,

Scholars read the great words of the world.

But you and I must learn to read the world itself…

— in A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

There are moments.

in life,

where one looks back,

and remembers,

where one was,

historically speaking…

Like the time,

I was taking a swim,

in Davis Bay,

on the Sunshine Coast,

when Mount St. Helens,

blew her top,

back in 1980…

And the earth shook

Or the time,

Alex Burrows,

finished off the Blackhawks,

in Game 7,

with a goal in OT,

and I knew,

because a bunch of acrobats,

and horses,

were charging through the ring,

of the big top,

playing a game,

with white silk scarves,

and the final rider,

to race past,

waved a huge Canucks flag…

And then,

there was the time,

in the middle of last night,

when Manny Malhotra called me,

long distance,

all the way from Nashville,

and we chatted about vision,

and how there was no need,

for worry,

because before he knew it,

things were going to be 20/15…

I have no idea,

what the dream means,

other than,

after all,

was said and done,

it felt better,

than perfect,

and I woke up,


C’mon get happy!!!

We have a will, and we have muscle...

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