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Sleeping beauty…

April 20, 2011

The verbal rendition of emotional material thus demands a different transmutation…

And so people must strain to force a strong feeling into the straight jacket of verbal expression…


as emotionality rises,

so do sputtering,


and mute frustration…


a bridge between the neocortical and limbic brains,

is simultaneously improbable,

and powerful…

— in A General Theory of Love by medical doctors Lewis, Amini, and Lannon

Yesterday afternoon,

a few minutes before puck drop,

at the United Centre,

Little Gem curled up beside me,

and asked,


What do you think your life would be like,

if you were a twin???

I answered,

by saying,

I am a twin,

separated at birth…

And because of that,

and other things,

my life is both interesting,

and unusual…

She sat quietly,

as a few minutes passed,

through two national anthems,

and then she whispered,


at first I didn’t know what you meant,

but then I got it…

I went to find some take-out,

in between the first and second period…

I got in my big red car,

and drove south,

up Commercial Drive…

I was looking for something,

but I didn’t know exactly what,

until I saw a place,

I hadn’t been before…

I rounded the block,

in search of parking,

finding a free,

one hour spot,

beside Continental Coffee…

When I crossed the street,

and entered the restaurant,

the staff were sitting altogether,

for an evening meal,

watching the hockey game,

on a flat screen…

The owner told me,

We go with the flow…

If something is going on out there,

we put it on in here,

for our customers…

Our customers,

are family…

Sit down,

and have a bite…

See if you like…

This food,

from my homeland,

is not on the menu…

I sat down,

and I liked,

a lot…

While I waited for my order,

we talked some shop…

I asked Ya Yah to hold her hand,

over my back,

in the spot,

where it smarts,

she said,

Things are moving…

And then she turned me around,

to give me a hug,

whispering in my ear,

Don’t worry,

everything is going to be alright…

She asked me,

How did you find me here???

When I told her,

By listening…

She smiled,

because she just knew…

But for emphasis,

she added,

And when it’s ready,

get in the truck…

You can tell security,

Coach V sent for you…

Upon which I stand...

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