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Revel stoke…

April 12, 2011

It takes practice,

to simultaneously help both species modulate their arousal,

in tense situations,

while reading the complex nuances of equine behaviour,

communicating both the client’s and horse’s constantly shifting mental and emotional states…

— in Riding Between the Worlds by Linda Kahanov

The other night,

after the recipient,

of the Art Ross,

was clarified,

I had a dream,

I was sitting,

in a living room,

with a gathering,

of hockey players…

One of the twins,

introduced a rookie,

to the rest of us…

He said,

This is so and so,

from Anaheim,

and he likes to be rubbed under his chin…

The rest of us giggled,

but went along with it,


Whatever it takes,

to help the new guy,

feel comfortable,

in uncertain circumstances…

and all offered up,

a healthy scratch,

under his soul patch…

I woke up happy,

wondering if I’m on drugs,

and then remembered,

the play-off bottle,

doesn’t have a safety cap,

and can be filled,

at any time,

without prescription…

One of THE things,

about horses is,

the left side of the brain,

does not automatically,

translate to the right…

So when a horse,

is learning to change,

an old pattern of response,

you have to make sure,

you introduce,

the concept,

to both sides of the body…

The integration,

of the new information,

doesn’t occur,

under the pressure,

of compliance,

or performance,

but in the rest,

and relaxation,

that happens,

after practice…

And the partner’s job,

is to say,

Take as long a you need,

for things to sink in…

I’m willing,

to wait for you…

On Sunday night,

after a long day,

in a quonset ring,

with ten horses,

and their riders,

we were back home,

and Starshine was catching Boy Cat,

with a long blue ribbon…

She flopped down on my bed,

and said,

Look Mama,

I’m fly fishing…

And then she demonstrated,

the repetitive technique,

of reeling in,

and casting out…

I asked her if she was channeling

She said,


I’m NOT a medium…

I just know about your fascination,

with fresh water fishing…

Then she said,

When you have a steelhead,

on your line,

you have to play him,

long enough,

for him to realize,

fighting’s no use…

I know the Chicago Blackhawks are in town,

because as a lead mare,

I can feel those colts,

all hot,

to snort,

and throw,

their weight,

around the track,

from a mile away…

So today,

after washing windows,

and making coconut cupcakes,

with vanilla bean frosting,

I’m going to picture myself,

at centre ice,

in Roger’s Arena,

driving my home team,

in a circle,

of response-ability

All in the name,

of a super-spicy,

first round,

join up

I would give everything I own...

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