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Zen shorts…

March 25, 2011

Most likely,

you’ve dabbled in knitting, sewing, quilting,

or even clay,

or woodworking…

The bottom line is you probably like to work with your hands…

— in Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp

This afternoon,

Little Gem asked her big sister,

What time is it???

Starshine replied,

It’s 3:14…

Little Gem crawled under one of our story blankets,

and said,

Mama, we have about forty-five minutes left before Papa picks us up,

for the rest of Spring Break…

I wonder what we should do together…

I know,

let’s snuggle…

She read three stories to me,

and then made a list of all the things,

she needed to pack,

for the coming week…

She also wrote up a return list,

for the things,

that need to come back,

where they belong…

I was about to suggest,

that she should create an opening,

for herself,

within the Canucks organization,

for the purposes,

of guiding road trip,


and man power,

but then I decided,

to put a sock in it,

and stay,

in my own department…

From the outside,

it may seem that I tend towards,

a random number generator approach,

to things…

But on the inside,

I’m just like,

that boy in the tree,

who keeps track,

of what needs to be done,

on his clipboard,

waiting patiently,

for my heart’s desires…

I’m immensely proud of the Canucks right now…

Not so much for where,

they currently find themselves,

in the standings,

but for how they are standing,

in alignment,

with what they know to be good,

and true,

about themselves…


they are filtering out the noise,

while remaining focused,

on being the very change,

they want to see in their game,

as they play it…

I’ve been told,

many a time,

that I’m not going,

to be able to do,

what I’ve set out to do…

And when it came,

right down to the wire,

all that was left,

on the list,

was to,

just watch me…

I was born to be a feather...

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