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Lying nine…

March 10, 2011

Manny and Romer coached Hammer and I,

through an eventful round that included some Lil’ Wayne from the rough,

and a pin location on the fringe…

It was a pretty fun day,

which saw Raffi Torres shooting the best round,

at 79…

He wanted to make sure everyone knew he won,

so congratulations Raffi!!!

— from latest post by Tanner Glass

When the time arrives,

for me to host,

a celebrity,

kilts only,

golf tournament,

the guest list,

will be wicked…

While my horses,

are down south,

about to bowl a strike,

on their road trip,

I’m up here,

a few blocks,

from Roger’s Arena,

keeping my eye on the map,

and holding down the fort…

Because with all of those fans,

following the Canucks charter,

through enemy territory,

someone’s got to GD stay back,

and whistle dixie…

I do on occasion,

get the travel bug,

but having been born again,

under the sign of Capricorn,


is always where,

the heart is…

A few weeks ago,

I told Starshine,

and Little Gem,

to get ready,

because I’m changing,

the name,

of one of the cats,

in honour,

of an upcoming Gordie Howe…

Starshine madly protested,


You can’t do things like that…

It will confuse him…

And just like you,

he’s a lover,

not a fighter…

I can’t argue with that truth,

as there are so many more,

creative ways,

to move mountains,

than packing a punch,

once you get the hang of it…

I recently had a dream,

that I was locked in a corral,

full of untamed horses

There wasn’t much room,

to move,

but as one big beast,

lifted up his back leg,

with intent to deliver,

a blow,

I took the hoof,

in both my hands,

and pushed back,

with a firm statement,

that said,

YOU don’t get to do this anymore….

And I woke up,

on top,

for the hug,

of a lifetime…

In the milky twilight...

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