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Give n’go…

February 8, 2011

Astronomers worked on their leakproof map of the sky until 1945,

by which time it had very little use…

The step from neoclassical science to modern science involved learning to live with,

and appreciate open-ended taxonomies instead…

The periodic table used by the chemist,

the binomial nomenclature and synoptic keys of biologists,

and the even saner and more wonderful mythworlds of particle physicists and

contemporary astronomers,

are examples…

Each of these lists of categories and types is something like a tree…

Because its purpose is to grow,

it is always incomplete

like the list of sentences or sentence patterns possible in the English language…

— in The Tree of Meaning: Language, Mind and Ecology by Robert Bringhurst

Last night,

a few minutes before the puck dropped,

in between the Canucks and the Ottawa Senators,

while we were pushing sixty,

over the Cambie Street bridge,

I told Starshine and Little Gem,

that if I were ever to become premier,

I would immediately put in a call to Coach V,

and bring him on board as my personal assistant…

Starshine wanted to know how I found him,

to be qualified,

for such responsibility…

I said,

Listen to him…

Despite the endless challenges and criticism he faces,

with his team,

he knows exactly how to roll with the punches…

He can skirt the ridiculous,

he can shimmy through the mundane,

and he stays the course,

with the simple assistance of some Trident,

or an after dinner mint…

But he puts the awesome in awesomest when he creates a vault,

and guards it,

despite the number of hackers,

trying to break their way in…


is one in a million,

and something money,

cannot buy…

Stashine said,

Oh Mama,

I bet he doesn’t even know what you can see in him…

You should send him a real strong message…

Then she looked at me,

with a grin,

and said,

I know,

it’s already been taken care of…

One of the things I’m always thinkin’ on is,

What do you want me to make for dinner???

And when my daughters tell me,

I make it,

with no questions asked,

because I find immense pleasure in the providing…

Last night Little Gem had an unsatisfied craving for calamari,

and while we were walking our way to London Drugs,

as Starshine was put through the paces at soccer practice,

we found a fresh fish stop,

and sat down to share a full order,

with a side of chips,

and homemade tartar sauce…

It was the best,


And speaking of fantastic,

early this morning I woke from a dream,

where I was exploring the Canucks’ locker room,


in my skivvies…

I searched the racks,

chock full,

of standard issue gear,

for a little something,

to cover my over exposure…

I finally found what I wanted,

took it off the hanger,

and pulled a long sleeved,

tissue thin tunic,

in Canucks’ colours,

with #17,

over my head…

Suddenly Ryan Kesler was beside me…

I felt like I’d been caught,


and suspect…

He saw my panic,

and immediately reassured me,

that I was exactly where I was supposed to be,

doing what I was meant to do…

He said,

Not to worry…

That’s may be my tunic…

But it’s got your name,

written all over it….

Then we executed the secret handshake,

and jumped out over the ice,

for an invisible,

practice skate

When you're miles away from the love you've made...

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