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Basic instincts…

February 3, 2011

I think about this scene quite a bit:

not only the sage leaving for what I think is the wilderness—

the placeless place beyond the mind’s appropriations,

and not only the great poem written and immediately let go;

I also think of the border guard with his divided being,

guarding the frontier,

while revering the sage whose teachings point beyond it…

— Tom McKay in Thinking and Singing, edited by Tim Lilburn

Living with,

a pair of bonded cats,

often brings my person,

to wondering,

what it is that makes one,

get up,

from deep in sleep,


and then reach to the other,

for affection,

delivered in the form,

of an attentive,


and vigorous,

eyes closed,


with no strings attached…

I’ve never seen anything quite like it…

Cats move to the beat of their own drum

And furthermore,


the fine art of balancing,

both independence,

and togetherness…

When they play,

they play hard,

like stay-at-home,


When they stop,

the boundaries are clear…

Crossed lines,

result is a hissyfit,

and a speedy boxing,

on the chops…

And in the night,

when one wants the other,

the cry calls out,

to be found,

for comfort,


and a super-charged,




through the entire house…

We humans,

sure have a lot to learn,

from our feline friends,

when it comes to,

the give,

and take of love…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned,

how my children,


at the very sight,

of me,

about to sing…

Except for when,

I put my pipes to Oh, Canada

For this particular anthem,

Starshine and Little Gem,

both encourage regular practice,

and outrageous bellowing,

of every single note…

Because they’ve had a vision,

of Mama,

letting it rip,

Canuck style,

in Rogers Arena,

just minutes before,

the end of the series,

puck drop

As for Sunday,

I’m backing the Steelers,

with a tight end victory

But I’m also willing,

to be completely,


Cooler than the flip side of my pillow...

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