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January 27, 2011

Good speaking and writing,

Socrates says,

come from one who knows the truth of his subject (260e);

it is devoted to “directing souls,

not only in the law courts but also in private…”

Bad writing,


simply ravishes those whose permeability is without discernment;

it enchants but takes one nowhere:

instead it immobilizes the soul,

robbing a person of eros and its motility,

its epektatic appetite…

— in Thinking and Singing edited by Tim Lilburn


I’ve recalled,

a difficult memory,

about a time when,

three six year old boys were sitting around a table,

working on Lego constructions,

and two of them were chanting,

Sexy, sexy, sexy…

The third one pleaded with me,

to make them stop

This was new experience,

as a teacher…

I’d never heard this word being used in my classroom,

so before I positioned,

my relational authority,

to make them stop,

I exercised a split second decision,

to research,


I asked the third little boy,

What does that word mean to you???

He said,

It’s when a girl takes her clothes off,

lays on top of you naked,

and then sexes…

And after he went on,

and on,

with base detail,

about the ins,

and outs,

I wondered,

How do you learn about that?

He said,


when I’m watching television with my dad,

he changes channels,

and I see people sexing…

I can’t get the pictures out of my head…

I can bring the movie to school if you want to see it…

I told him that this wouldn’t be necessary,

because I could already see his pictures,

and I didn’t want anything to strengthen them…

I told him that I would try to help him,

to see differently,

by offering something real,

and beautiful,

to focus on…

For the rest of our time together,

through that year,

and into the next,

we went,

with all of his classmates,

looking for butterflies,

circles of white light,

and a feeling like your body isn’t there any more,

just by being,


This teachable moment,

which arrived from out of the blue,

to educate me,

led me to wonder,

if his brain seizures,

which erased aspects of his memory,

and affected his ability to concentrate,

may also be,

a blessing in disguise…

As a professional,

my code of conduct prevents me,

from taking parents,

out behind the school,

with my fists,

and spitting out,

things like,

Listen Jack-ass…

There’s no point,

risking loss of license,

or limiting range of service,

in making a difference for children…

But what can be done,

during the conferences,

when Lee Iacocca’s,

burned out mistakes,

enter the parking lot,

is the sending of messages,


but not exclusive to,

You only get one shot at this Bucko,

so smarten up…

Last night,

in the game between the Canucks,

and the Predators,

#57 scored his first NHL goal,

in his first ever NHL game,

to make it a W,

for his team…

The swarm of reporters,

surrounded this young man,

with their typical battery,

of flat,



in the locker room,


And with all due respect,

to what was going through his mind,

when he saw the puck go into the net,

he answered,

I scored…

It’s as simple as that

From the cradle to the grave...

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