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Crew cab…

January 12, 2011

1. Get a hammer.

2. Take a drawing device such as a piece  of chalk, charcoal, crayon, pencil etc.

3. Smash.

4. Repeat.

— in MESS: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes by Keri Smith

More than three ago,

I was laying on a table,

in order for a friend of a friend,

to get some practice,

activating knowledge,

which had recently been revealed to her,

while on holiday,

in the Yucatan…

She told me,

as she swung her spider sense,

all spoonbender like,

over my old noggin’

I see you,

with hairy feet…

Feet that have been walking,

for a very long time…

One foot in front of the other,

through the dirt,

and the snow…

Down into valleys,

across rivers,

and up mountains…

You’re way of walking,

is willing to go the distance,

and NEVER gives up…

People are quick to self-medicate,

when they lose a nights sleep or two…

I often wonder where we find our entitlement,

to sleep soundly,

and be in constant comfort…

I’m more inclined to believe,

we have a collective responsibility,

to feel,

and clear,

shared pain…

As I was walking up to the Drive,

through the slush,

on my way to meet my sister for lunch,

I was thinking about how to provide a safe home,

for a young woman,

who is living in a tent city,

with her newborn son…

And as I pictured,

pulling the thought down,

and putting it on the table,

a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace,

howled in my ears,

and I knew,

with such an active imagination,

and steady gait,

it was only a matter of time,

before the story grew,

right out of the ground I was walking on…

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