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Mo’ vember…

November 1, 2010

Now Tenrec had his answer…

Humming happily,

he went back to his building and pushed another twig into the ground…

— in Tenrec’s Twigs by Bert Kitchen

When I wonder what’s going on now,

I ask the question,

and then I wait for the answer to come,

in any way it wants to show itself…

In the days running up to Halloween,

a friend spent a day or so in the hospital,

with severe abdominal pain,

and an aching skeleton,

due to an infectious bacteria,

found more predominantly in our so-called,

developed world…

I told her that as much as she is hurting right now,

she will feel better…

I said,

As you process this physical experience of dis-ease,

due to an external pathogen,

your body is clearing stored information which is no longer needed,

for a higher good…

A month or so ago,

I had a dream that I was watching a teenage boy…

He was holding babies who had special needs,

and I could see that his holding was helping them…

I also saw that he was keeping what he was taking on,

so that they could heal,

in his body…

I told him,

What you’re doing is amazing…

It is one of your gifts,

but it is making you sick…

And then I showed him how to clear his field,

and ground what wasn’t his to carry,

by neutralizing the energy,

and breathing it out,

as an ongoing practice,

until it becomes second nature…

A few years ago I found that I could get high,

not by ingesting foreign substances,

but just by looking at leaves flickering on the branches of a tree,

in a gentle breeze…

Quaking aspens,

and cottonwoods were my genius,

and species,

of choice…


if I really relax my eyes,

I can find myself in the same place,

but it takes blocking out,

all of that interference,

trying to rub itself off,

on me…

About five years ago I was staring at trees,

down at the big park,

under the eagle’s nest,

when a woman whom I’d first met,

in a drama class,

during my professional development program,

to become a teacher,

stumbled by…

She is a bit of a cranky pants,

but we’ve seen each other,

in a couple of unusual situations,

including a receiving line,

during a teacher’s strike,

where we ended up hugging,

the head of the union,

at Nat Bailey Stadium…

And this time,

as I lay on the grass,

watching flickering leaves,

and getting high,

she told me a story,

from right out of the blue…

She said that when she was eight or so,

her home life was so bad that she wanted to die…

One day she fell off of her bike,

onto her head,

and into a coma…

On her death bed she remembers wanting desperately to stay in this light place,

but she was told that she needed to go back…

I interrupted her and said,

Did they tell you it was because your work on earth wasn’t finished yet???

She said,

Yes, that’s exactly what they said…

And they promised me that if I stayed I would get the little doll that I wanted,

and they would tell me THE secret of the Universe…

So even though I really didn’t want to,

I went back,

because I wanted a new doll,

and the information…

When I came to consciousness

my sister was there,

at my bedside,

with the new doll…

I’ve never told anyone else about this,

except for my sister…

Then she downloaded the extra information,

straight into me…

As if I’m going to put all of the cards on the table all at once…

I’m learning not to cough up everything I know,

without some C.O.D….

This fellow teacher and I hugged,

and said goodbye….

And even though she only lives a few blocks away,

I’ve never run into her again,

because she delivered the message,

and I heard it the first time,

so there’s no need for review…

On Saturday I took Starshine and Little Gem to see their little cousin,

that they love so much,

so I could get my hands on the cinnamon cat,

who I miss so much…

Within minutes of me walking into that apartment,

I was surrounded with a story about the parents of boys’ hockey,

and goalie pressure…

The kind of persistent aggressive pressure,

that could result in colitis,

Crohn’s disease,


heart failure,

and a whole host of other symptoms,

if strategies for shielding,

and clearing other people’s unresolved issues,

and anxiety,

aren’t part of the game plan,

and specialized coaching…

The sensitivities that some of us have the capacity for,

because we’ve earned them,

require a tool kit beyond common sense…

And as soon as we start regular practice,

of what we learn,

our gifts can expand,

and go,

where we’re needed most…

Last weekend I found two cats,


I knew they were the ones for me,

because the minute I saw them,

my heart was on fire…

And to top it all off,

bringing them home,

was one of the easiest things,

I’ve ever wanted to do…

All winter we got carried...

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