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Pink solution…

September 19, 2010

At one point,


oh so gently,

the Pea picked up the mouse in her hand…

She cupped him in her palm and scratched his oversize ears…

“You have lovely ears,”

said the Pea to him,

“They are like small pieces of velvet…”

Despereaux thought that he might faint with the pleasure of someone referring to his ears as small,

and lovely…

He laid his tail against the Pea’s wrist to steady himself,

feeling the princess’s pulse,

and his own heart immediately took up the pounding rhythm of hers…

— in The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Di Camillo

There’s conventional spelling,

and then there’s invented spelling…

Invented spelling is where the writer sounds out the words,

and doesn’t worry about being right or wrong,

for the sake of fluency…

S/he is simply compelled to get the story on the page,

in the best way s/he knows how…

This evening Little Gem told me she wrote something,

and she gave me permission to share it in this public space,

for a higher good…

But the pictures are being saved for a private,

megawatt smile…

The littel princesse

Wants ther was a princesse.

Her nam was Laila.

She was a sad princesse.

She was sad bicos she codint go out side.

Bet most of all it was bicos she had no frends.

Evri moning Laila wood wak up.

And then she’d get dressd.

And she’d eat brekfest.

Evri mide day Laila wood eat lunch,

Play with her dolls.

And then she’d read 3 books.

Evri evning Laila wood eat diner.

She’d read won book.

And then she’d go to bed.

Won day wall Laila was playing with her dolls

somwon nokt at the dore.

It was a prince.

The End.

P.S. He wore an invisible red cape.

But Mama, I didn’t write that…

I know…

I just put that to show that you can always write your own ending,

to a new story…

The rumours of heaven only speak the truth on earth... (staging: Little Gem)

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