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Smoke signals…

July 15, 2010

You have to live the life you were born to live…

— the Reverend Mother to Maria in The Sound of Music

This week I noticed that the big top is going up,

along Pacific Boulevard,

in preparation for the Cirque du Soleil production,

of Kooza…

Having been to a previous performance a few years ago,

I received an announcement for early bird tickets…

I was just about to hit the purchase button,

when I got the message,

It’s already been taken care of…

And it’s going to be better than you can imagine right now…

Due to my heightened sensitivities,

I’ve never been a regular coffee drinker…

A regular coffee has the same effect on me,

as a line of coke,

so I save it for special occasions,

when I want to open up pathways,

for creative purpose…

I like to get through my days without dependency,

on external stimulants,

and I find that I enjoy things more,

when they aren’t available,

all of the time…

But yesterday the funniest thing happened…

I walked down to the Portuguese bakery,

in my neighbourhood,

to get my bottle of Standard milk for making yogurt,

and as I was standing there I thought,

I’d love a latte…

But then I remembered my one tonne challenge commitment,

to not buying a coffee,

unless I have my own cup,

and I hadn’t planned on the arrival,

of this thought,

so I wasn’t prepared,

with the right equipment…

Just as I put the desire in my pocket for later,

the son of the bakery man said,

Would you like a coffee???

I said,

I’d was thinking that I’d like one,

but I didn’t bring my own cup,

and I don’t like to drink out of disposables…

He said,

Well there’s a double latte waiting right over there for you,

if you want it…

This customer wanted an Americano,

clearly you’re the one wh0 wanted the latte,

and certainly I aim to please…

I sat down right there and enjoyed the surprise,

just like the doctor ordered…

But what I realized later,

was that two shots,

of espresso,

on an empty stomach,

is dynamite for my system…

I had anxiety,

and shakes,

for the rest of the day…

I felt like a ship,

being tossed about the sea,

and I had trouble staying grounded…

When I woke up this morning,

with that feeling,

of I’m going to need a coffee today,

I made myself move on,

caffeine free,

and today was a better day…

On Tuesday I was at Dressew buying some fabric…

I asked for six metres,

of an aubergine linen blend,

at the cutting table…

But as the woman was unwrapping the fabric,

I thought that maybe four,

would be enough,

for my intents and purposes…

After she made the cut,

folded up my piece,

and went to write up the amount,

she put down her head,

looking up at me,

all worried,

and asked,

How many metres did you want???

Because I only cut four…

I quickly reassured her and said,

I said six but I thought four…

so you’re better than perfect…

She heaved a sigh of relief and said,

Thank you,

you’re a dear…

Another woman at the table laughed and said,

So you were interfering with her…

It’s a good thing you wear that Bell helmet…

or you might have blown her mind…

I walked away from the cutting table,


because I been busted,

as I felt the flick of four switches,

and a power surge,

right then and there…

But you give me something I can feel... (photo: Starshine)

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