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Making days…

June 13, 2010

Beautifully landscaped with pear and apple trees that have blossomed for more than a century,

the Salt Spring Island Golf and Country Club had once been the property of black farmer Armstead Buckner…

“There’s a welcoming atmosphere [at the golf club],” said Bruce Singleton…

“I always feel at home…”

— in Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone by White and Bealy

I was working out some math the other day,

and wondering,

What would be easier???

Carrying and birthing a nine pound baby like the one I held all of Friday afternoon???

Or carrying and birthing two,

give or take a few ounces,

four pound babies???

And low and behold,

this afternoon,

while I was buying extra-strong coffee at The Union Market,

for Starshine’s  Black Magic birthday cupcakes that are coming to her class pool party tomorrow,

I met some new twins…

Six months old,

vaginally delivered,

the father proudly announced…

They were so super-charged I had to step-down the voltage,

as I grounded it into my neighbourhood…

And as I told their dad,

Your children are so HERE…

the little girl started to cry…

He said,

She’s crying because you outed her…

I said,

There is so much power coming out of that double stroller…

You could harness it,

and run the universe…

He said,

That’s the plan…

And just in case you think I’m making this all up,

I’m not…

It really happened…

Every single word…

And the first one said to the second one there... Well I hope you're having fun!!! (photo: Burgart and Co.)

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