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Cat’s cradle…

March 31, 2010

Can you dilute what I feel???

— William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace

The other day I was telling Little Gem and Starshine about how Roberto Luongo,

met his wife,

and how he proposed to her in Venice,

on the Bridge of Sighs…

Little Gem asked me,

Mama, How do you know those things???

Did you do your own research on the Wikipedia???

I had to laugh,

and then immediately set her straight,

The Wikipedia???

No way Jose…

It was the holy birdsong at my back window…

Yesterday I hula hooped with Amour,

and when the bell rang,

Promis put down her hula hoop,

and pulled down mine…

Then she put her arms around my waist,

squeezed me out of Africa,

and ran off to eat her lunch…


All the noise, all the voices never stop...


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