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Matryoshka principle…

February 24, 2010

Although I wouldn’t call myself an athlete,

I’ve had many athletic moments in my life…

I had early dreams of competitive downhill skiing,

and swimming,

but my drive to win was never a strong suit,

and I’ve always had a number of dreams to follow…

Until now I’ve never really spent that much time thinking about sport,

and what sport is…

Elvis Stojko’s strong opinions are connecting some dots for me,

and I support the thoughtful stand that he is taking on ice skating,

and judgement…

Calling a spade a spade in a world that silences,

and dismisses,

freedom of speech,

in the name of diplomacy,

takes intelligence,

supported by a back bone…

I’ve been a whistle-blower,

when it comes to children,

and their right to healthy learning relationships,

and the tune I play isn’t welcomed by the interests of unions,

and the seniority of their members…

Standing takes nerve,

but it doesn’t make friends…

It has been one of my life lessons to learn,

that I don’t need,

or want,

to be liked by everyone…

This is the first time in my life that I’ve had the opportunity,

to watch the Olympics,

at my leisure,

and I’m making the most of it…

As a result I’m on quite a learning curve,

during this fortnight,

of world competition…

This particular curve,

isn’t as intense,

as the projectile lines of development,

that I’ve experienced,

in the past four plus years,

but it is certainly measurable…

I appreciate how athletes,

like Ashley McIvor,

make a case for their sport…

And how sport is developed,

from the spectator level,

to Olympic competition…

And I’ve been feeling tough,

on hockey…

The more I watch and listen,

the more I’m seeing that,

like all other sports,

hockey has,

and is,

in a process of steady evolution…

Even hockey fanatics are learning,

to channel their energies,

toward more sophisticated outcomes,

like yesterday’s making,

of schnitzel,

out of Germany…

And I therefore,

can’t wait,

to see how Team Canada,

makes stroganoff,

out of Russia,

this afternoon…

Turning dolls,

out of speedy forwards,

takes skill,



and guts of steel…

Ripping pucks through the net,

one after the other,

isn’t easy,

but we know it can be done…

The street I grew up on,

was named after a family,

that homesteaded in Richmond…

This family loaded up their Suburban,

every summer,

for a vacation in Sicamous…

I never knew where that was…

But I’m putting down a few special edition quarters,

that today’s game,

will see some Weberation,

just in the nick,

of time…

But what do I know…

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes...

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