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Just BE it…

February 4, 2010

Dr. Heesoon Bai once said to me,

as I ranted through a conversation under lamplight in Parking Lot C,

Theory without practice is like wearing panties without elastic…

In response I wrote to classmates in EDUC 902 through SFU connect…

As follows,

February, 2009:

Dear ALL,

In clarification of my location I wish to offer a pair of my panties…

I NEVER go bareback,

as this would challenge my Victorian sensibilities beyond belief…

But the elastic in my panties is strong enough to hold them up without constriction,

it simply invites an interface of tension…

In fact my elastic comes with an invisible guarantee of affect specific to each individual experiencing the line,

if they are open to being touched…

I’m not saying that my panties are the only ones to wear,

or the best ones,

or that others don’t wear similar pairs…

But I am saying that these are the panties that I choose to wear,

at this point in time,

in this particular context…

And the feedback I get,

especially in big panty departments,

is that I should keep wearing them…

Some listeners have found tears for the first time in many years,

when they hear me voice how my elastic holds the panties up…

And when I’m afraid that my panties are going to fall around my knees,

when I fear that the elastic isn’t rigourous enough,

or that the brand isn’t a manufacturing giant,

my audience tells me,

men and women included,

things like,

I’ve always wanted to wear panties like yours but I’ve never had the courage,

You have to keep talking about panties with your elastic,

because I can feel how they hold things up,

and I see how your elastic speaks to your panties,

and mine,

with a critical integrity…

And as the change room is able to hold everyone,

there are always the puritans in the room…

There are also those who continue to believe that even a half,

but usually a full body corset is the ONLY way to go…

And a few giving lip-service to a balancing act,

but persisting in the opinion that the only support substantial enough is the tried and true…

I’m sure it is no coincidence that the post-structuralist name for the post-modernist corset is called Spanx,

and it smacks of bra-lelujah…

Panties aren’t exclusive to Kaufhof, Lafayette, Neiman Marcus, Harrod’s, or Holt Renfrew…

I’ve found my most receptive and penetrating of fabrics at bus stops,

under chestnut trees,

on playgrounds,

at the ATM,

and even at the check-out of the Great Canadian Superstore…

And in those moments of stumbling around such a rich world,

I was so happy that my panties were loose enough for me to hear some of the surrounding acapella…

With a real set of knockers and a fresh pair for a new day,



Well, the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into the sun…

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